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Creating Unique Solutions

At PZMed we have spent decades developing the most innovative and advanced equipment that is currently available within the medical and beauty industry. Our drive to combine cutting edge technology with ergonomically designed hardware has allowed us to become world leading and supply our machines to over 100 different destinations.

Weight loss, body sculpting and improving skin condition are areas that are all growing in popularity. As people become more body conscious and have the desire to lose weight, tone their body and generally look healthier, technological solutions are increasing in demand.

Many people are unable to spend hours in the gym or have jobs where they are required to sit at a desk for the majority of the day, making weight loss and body toning an impossibility. At PZMed we are committed to ensuring the solutions we develop, manufacture and supply are not only highly effective, but are safe and comfortable to use.

The move towards non-invasive and non-surgical solutions to weight loss is something that we have championed from the start of PZMed and we have developed research departments across the world to ensure we stay at the forefront of developments.

We have partnered with a range of world class companies to incorporate the best technological solutions into our manufacturing processes. This means that everything we produce is manufactured using precision and accuracy so that each of the machines we supply is of exceptionally high quality.

We currently have a range of machines that we manufacture to assist with weight loss and other bodily improvements. Depending on the requirements and desired outcomes, the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine, the RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine or the Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine are incredibly effective machines.

As an OEM, we also have the benefit of being able to customise our services to suit the requirements of those looking to distribute the equipment. Our ability to tailor the equipment and produce a unique solution sets us apart from our competitors, and ensures that our offer is to deliver equipment that is fit for the purpose, wherever the final destination will be.

The design of weight loss machines is important in ensuring comfort for both the operator and the person receiving the treatment. At PZMed, we understand how important comfort is, and so we have made sure every machine we have available has been designed with this in mind. We have developed equipment that ensures there is no operator fatigue, meaning that the person delivering the treatment will be able to complete more treatment sessions during the day.

The comfort of the person receiving the treatment means that higher satisfaction levels will be achieved. We are also able to tailor each of the machines to ensure it meets these requirements and maximum comfort is achieved.

At PZMed, we only supply medical-grade machinery that has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets high quality and safety standards. Every machine that we develop, manufacture and supply has been FDA-approved so that it can be supplied across the United States with confidence. They also meet the high standards required to be CE certified within Europe. This means that purchasing the any equipment from PZMed can be done with confidence and a guarantee that treatment sessions will be effective and safe at all times.


Machine Features

Safety Guaranteed

Every machine we manufacture has been FDA approved and CE certified, giving assurance that it meets high safety standards.

Constantly Learning

We have research departments across the world to ensure we remain world leaders in developing new, innovative technology.

Partnership Working

We work closely with a range of technology companies to produce the most efficient and precise manufacturing processes.

Simple Maintenance

Our machines are designed to be low maintenance so that they can be used without needing frequent downtime to be compliant with infection control requirements.

Tailored Solutions

Our expertise and approach to manufacturing allow us to customise our services and produce equipment that really delivers what is required, without compromise.


At PZMed we source the best technology, materials and processes to ensure that the end product we manufacture is of exceptional quality in every way.

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Lifetime Service And Maintenance