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The demand for skin care treatment has been increasing rapidly as people want to look their best and ensure they stay looking great as they get older. The options available to people have also increased and many people choose to opt for less invasive, non-surgical treatments.

PZMed have revolutionised the process thanks to their innovative technology that is changing lives for the better. The Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine is a popular choice to provide this non-invasive type of treatment without compromising on the quality of the results.

Whether it is removing wrinkles that give the appearance of old age, unsightly scars and blemishes, or rejuvenation of private areas, the Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine provides almost immediate, effective outcomes.

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Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine

Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine

The Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine has 4 modes and 7 different applicators to ensure different areas receive the most effective treatment.

The medical grade machine utilises highly intelligent technology to analyse issues with the skin such as freckles, acne, stretch marks and scars. It can be used to effectively eliminate hypertrophy scars or depressions and provides excellent tightening and rejuvenating in private areas.

Co2 Fractional Lasers allow for maximum treatment impact, ease of use and ensures safety during every treatment session.

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Product Features

4 Different Modes

providing accurate and targeted skin care and treatment.

Medical Grade

ensuring high quality results and excellent safety.

7 Applicators

to allow for maximum comfort for a range of areas.

Multitouch Screen

gives the user greater control over the equipment.

7 Joint Arm

allows maximum flexibility in operation and precise output.

3 Core Functions

spot focused scanning, skin rejuvenation and vaginal tightening.


Additional Information

Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine Manufacturer

The Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine provides a variety of functions, offering an all-round approach to skin treatment. The Co2 Fractional Laser (10600nm) utilises innovative technology in the form of a scanning galvanometer, with the laser being decomposed into microbeams and uniformly small micropores forming on the skin.

As heat is introduced, a thermal reaction occurs between the micropores and this thermal exfoliation, thermal coagulation and thermal effects activate self-healing of the skin.

Safe, Approved Treatment For You

All of the medical devices created by PZMed are of the highest quality and hold certifications in the USA and Europe. The CE mark shows that the product conforms with strict levels of EU health and safety regulations, and the FDA have also approved the device. All elements of the Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine have been tested to the highest of standards, so you can enjoy all of the benefits it brings.

Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine FDA Approved


The 3 core functions that the Co2 Fractional Laser Skin provides are spot focused scanning, skin rejuvenation and private health rejuvenation for women. These are delivered by the work modes fractional, cutting and vaginal tightening.

These functions are achieved by using high-precision, uniformly dispersed beams that have a focal spot diameter of 50um-80um. It is this precision that ensures only the affected skin area is treated with the tiny beams that penetrate to the deep layers of the skin without impacting the surrounding skin cells.

For vaginal tightening, the Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine provides effective treatment with minimal discomfort. The design of the non-ablative skintight applicator allows for the irradiation angle to be adjusted so that the procedure is not uncomfortable or painful.

The laser can be rotated 360 degrees to ensure a comprehensive treatment session that targets all parts of the vaginal wall, resulting in shrinking and tightening.

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Aspects of the Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine

The Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine is made from robust, medical grade parts that have specifically selected to develop an effective, safe and easy to use machine. With parts being utilised from across the globe, the quality of the equipment is exceptional.

The lasers used within the machine are imported from USA and utilise sufficient, stable energy to ensure the required high-quality outcomes with every treatment session. The Galvo mirror has effectively balanced micro beam energy and has been imported from Germany, while the 7-joint arm is imported from South Korea and offers optimal flexibility when it comes to precise and targeted output.

Benefits of Using the Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine

The precision and optimum thermal delivery allows for the removal of all types of wrinkles, including:

  • Brown veins
  • Glabellas veins
  • Neck veins
  • Pregnancy veins
  • Many more

Skin rejuvenation without the need for a surgical face lift by strengthening, tightening and whitening the skin on the face. Reducing the signs of ageing is achieved by targeting age spots and blemishes while acne and speckle treatments are also highly effective in treating the following:

  • Blain acne
  • Scabby acne
  • Allergic acne
  • Papilla acne
  • Liquidic skin
  • Acne pit

All kinds of telangiectasis, blood vessels and blood silks can be treated and the effects of sun damage to the skin of the face, neck, shoulders and hands can be reversed.

fractional co2 laser treatment procedure

Finally, vaginal tightening and rejuvenation can be achieved within a short space of time, with long lasting results.

The Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine really does provide an all round solution to skin care and treatment.

before and after pictures of fractional co2 laser


Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine


1. What is Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Co2 fractional laser skin resurfacing is a cosmetic procedure that uses carbon dioxide coupled with an ablative laser that can resurface the skin to provide you with a fresh complexion that is free of any unsightly marks. It’s the ablative laser that helps to remove parts of your skin that you want to get rid of, powered with a cosmetic-approved laser for the best results.

Many people choose Co2 fractional laser skin resurfacing to get rid of deep wrinkles that make them look older, scars that may impair your features or even warts that need to be removed without leaving a large scar afterwards.


2. Is Co2 Laser Resurfacing Permanent?

Paying for a cosmetic treatment is often a decision that is not taken lightly, especially when you want to achieve long lasting results. Co2 laser resurfacing is a great option when you want immediate results that can continue to improve for up to a year after your treatment has finished.

However, it is not a permanent procedure as the skin will continue to age and wrinkle as time passes which may mean that you need to invest in more treatment further down the line. If you have had Co2 laser skin resurfacing to remove a wart then this should not return unless a new wart forms after the treatment has been completed.


3. Is Co2 Laser Bad for Your Skin?

No! Co2 laser skin resurfacing is a safe treatment that should not cause any damage to your skin as it works to improve your complexion. In very rare cases individuals may experience some side effects such as itchy skin, swelling or redness which are often linked to the healing process as your skin recovers from the treatment.

Before you have your full Co2 treatment, your practitioner will take a full medical history, including allergies, to ascertain if the treatment is safe for you to have. If you experience any negative side effects from the treatment you should contact your practitioner immediately for further advice.


4. Is Co2 Laser Painful?

Whether Co2 laser skin resurfacing is painful or not depends on the type of treatment you are having done. To work out if the procedure will be painful or not you should consider the area you are going to have treated, the depth that the laser will need to penetrate, how tolerant you are to pain and the type of laser that will be used for the procedure.

Before the skin resurfacing treatment starts, your practitioner will advise you on whether you should experience any pain and how much to expect, allowing you to properly prepare yourself.


5. Is Fractional Laser Safe During Pregnancy?

If you are considering laser skin resurfacing but are pregnant then you will need to wait until after your child is born before you proceed. The reason for this is that there is very limited information on whether this procedure could cause harm to the baby or if it could have a damaging impact on your pregnancy.

Waiting until after your baby is the best course of action as you can then also include any resurfacing needs that arise as a result of your pregnancy, saving you the hassle of returning again and again for appointments.


6. Does Co2 Fractional Laser Tighten Skin?

If you have loose skin then you may be looking for an appropriate and safe treatment that can help – Co2 fractional laser skin resurfacing is a great option! During the resurfacing procedure, the laser encourages the development of a brand new top layer of skin called the epidermal layer. It also works to tighten up the layers beneath – the dermal tissue.

During the process, the body is encouraged to produce extra collagen in the area that is being resurfaced, resulting in tighter skin results and a significantly improved look, giving you the younger, fresher skin you’ve been dreaming of!


7. Does Co2 Laser Cause Hyperpigmentation?

In rare cases, Co2 laser skin resurfacing can cause hyperpigmentation, often happening in situations where a practitioner has not taken a full and extensive history. Interestingly, most hyperpigmentation is only a temporary side effect that is caused due to inflammation that occurs as healing happens.

It’s also important to note that people can experience hyperpigmentation if they head out into the sun without adequate sunscreen protection, have too many treatments too close together or complete an abrasive skin care routine before the skin has healed. This is because the skin is more delicate until some days have passed after the treatment has been completed.


8. Does Co2 Laser Remove Dark Spots?

Co2 laser skin resurfacing is a popular choice because the laser can reach deep below the top layer of skin, helping to provide tight results and better skin elasticity. In addition, this process can remove dark spots that live on top of the skin surface as well as reducing the amount of uneven pigmentation in the skin and removing old acne scars that cause your complexion to be compromised.

It’s a very popular treatment as it is typically painless and effective and continues to work for some time after the actual treatment has finished, stopping dark spots from causing you concern.


9. Does Co2 Fractional Laser Really Work?

Yes! Co2 fractional laser skin resurfacing is both a safe and highly effective treatment that can help to remove a wide range of skin issues such as scars, warts, wrinkles and more. It has also been proven to be effective as a solution for reversing sun damage, removing dark spots, smoothing out rough textures and providing great elasticity to the skin area.

Each of these outcomes will leave you feeling more attractive and will last for a long time, reducing the need for regular top up treatments. Plus, as the treatment is done without any anaesthetic, you can look forward to getting on with your daily life immediately after it is complete as long as you take any of the recommended precautions that are advised.


10. What to do After Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment?

Once your treatment comes to an end, your practitioner will cover it with a protective gel that will stop your skin from becoming damaged or badly inflamed. It is important that you continue to use this gel at all times for between 5 – 10 days after the treatment is complete.

You may notice that your skin feels hot to the touch immediately after the treatment has ended and can also feel sensitive but these side effects should dissipate quickly, allowing you to go about your normal routine. If you suffer with any other side effects that you have not been warned to expect then call your practitioner immediately for advice.


11. How Do You Take Care of Your Skin After Co2 Fractional Laser?

After care is an important part of Co2 treatment as it can be the difference between outstanding results and negative ones. It’s firstly important to note that recovery can take anywhere up to ten days and you will need to follow an aftercare plan for the full recovery time to ensure the best results.

Once your treatment is finished, the practitioner will cover the area with a special protective barrier cream or gel to stop the sun damaging the work they have completed. You will need to continue covering it up during recovery and ensure that the healing is progressing as expected. Once recovered, you should continue your normal skincare routine, ensuring that you use appropriate UV protection.


12. What Does Your Skin Look Like After Co2 Laser?

Once your treatment is complete you may notice that the treated area is slightly inflamed and red which is completely normal. As the days move on you may notice itchiness or even stinging as the skin heals. When you have had a deep dermal resurfacing treatment, you can expect the skin to feel almost raw and it is essential that you cover it with the gel or cream that is prescribed or recommended to you.

In some cases people also experience blisters at the site of the treatment, but if this happens then you should contact the service you used to check that you don’t need to do anything to aid better healing.


13. What Should I Put on My Face After Co2 Laser?

It can be tempting to start following your normal skincare routine straight after your Co2 laser treatment, but this should be avoided until you are fully recovered which takes around ten days. During the recovery period you should wash your skin with water and mild rash wash so that you don’t irritate the skin and then apply protective gel to support a strong recovery.

No matter how tempted you are, you should not exfoliate the skin or wear makeup or perfumed creams until the recovery period has passed as these can cause an allergic reaction or even damage your skin.


14. How Long Does it Take a Co2 Laser Resurfacing to Heal?

Co2 laser resurfacing is one of the most effective treatments for a wide range of skin issues, making it popular with lots of people. One of the most common questions that people ask before they proceed to commencing treatment is how long it will take to heal. The answer to this is dependant on the area you have treated and the depth of your treatment but typically takes anywhere between five to ten days to complete.

During this time you will need to take extra care with your skin and avoid exposing it to bright sunlight to avoid damaging the results.


15. How Long Does it Take for Laser Treatment to Fade Age Spots?

If you are looking for an effective treatment that will remove age spots from your skin then Co2 laser skin resurfacing is a great choice. The treatment plan will cover each age spot you want removed and then the laser treatment will work its way across each one before the treatment ends.

You will see results almost immediately but it can take up to 14 days for the age spots to begin to fade. Age spots usually need more than one treatment but your chosen expert will be able to give you a more clear idea of how many you will need for your specific case.


16. How Long Does Itching Last After Co2 Laser?

If you notice that the area you have treated begins to feel itchy after it is over then you are not alone! Itchiness is a commonly reported side effect and usually occurs during the healing process. Many people report that their itchiness lasted for up to seven days after treatment before subsiding but if yours continues or becomes unbearable then you should contact the professional that administered your treatment for further advice.

If you are struggling to cope with itchiness in the first few days after treatment then hydrocortisone cream can be sparingly applied to sooth the skin before applying protective gel.


17. How Long After Co2 Laser Can I Wash My Face?

Once your Co2 fractional laser resurfacing is complete you will be given specific advice from the professional that administered your treatment about how to properly care for your skin during recovery. Typically, it is recommended that you do not wash your face for around 72 hours after treatment to allow everything to begin healing properly.

Once the 72 is over, you should then only use a gentle soap or face wash that is unperfumed to clean your face gently. If you find that cleaning your face is painful at first, you can apply a cool compress afterwards to help reduce any irritation.


18. How Long Does Swelling Last After Co2 Laser?

Swelling varies from person to person and is not always something that you will experience when you have Co2 fractional laser skin resurfacing. However, if you do notice swelling then it should only last for the first few days before reducing and healing.

On some occasions you may find that swelling disappears but then returns at certain points during the first few months after treatment has finished. The reason for this is that your skin is working hard to rejuvenate and will slowly return to normal as long as you look after it following the advice your cosmetic professional gives you.


19. How Can I Speed Up Healing After Co2 Laser?

Once your Co2 laser treatment has concluded you will be keen to recover as quickly as possible. Average recovery teams vary from 5 – 10 days but there are some things you can do to promote quicker healing including avoiding the sun without using adequate sunscreen, keeping properly hydrated and keeping your skin clean with unperfumed products each day. Finally, to heal quickly and properly it is essential that you follow all the advice given to you by the medical professional that treats you as they will design a recovery plan that is personalised to your needs.


20. What Are the Side Effects of Co2 Laser?

Side effects from Co2 laser treatment are often minimal and easy to cope with but it is still important to know what you should expect when you invest in this treatment. Redness and swelling are common immediately after the treatment is complete and you may also feel some pain and itchiness as you begin to heal.

If you fail to properly care for your skin after treatment then you could get an infection on the site of the treatment as well as experiencing change in skin colour. However, if you properly follow all after care advice issued then you can be confident that your skin will return to normal within 5 – 10 days.


21. What is the Difference Between Co2 Laser and Fractional Co2 Laser?

You may have heard the terms Co2 laser and fractional Co2 laser used interchangeably but there are some differences between these treatments that you should be aware of. Co2 laser treatments were some of the first skin resurfacing solutions offered to consumers and often came with longer recover times and additional pigmentation risks.

Fractional Co2 laser treatment is a more modern treatment that uses more up to date lasers and reduces recovery times. When you are looking for fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing make sure you take the time to ask the service whether this is what they offer so that you get access to the best treatment solution for your needs.