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Achieving a slim, toned body no longer has be a chore. Many people enjoy working out and have the time to spend creating the body they want. For others, spending work days sat at a desk and a lack of time to exercise means they are unlikely to achieve or keep the figure they want. At PZMed we think everyone should be able to feel confident in their body and the Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine allows for body sculpting without the need to hit the gym every day. Medical grade equipment that delivers effective results from the first treatment, is simple to use and guaranteed to be safe during sessions is now available.

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Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine

The Cryolipolysis Machine is an innovative piece of equipment, utilising the most up to date technology to freeze and remove fat. Triglycerides in human fat are converted into crystals and lose energy at low temperatures. This prompts the fat cells to begin decomposing naturally and the result is that the layer of fat gradually reduces throughout the course of treatment. Dissolving fat cells in this way is non-invasive and completely safe as it stimulates natural processes within the body. The Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine is effective in reducing fat in targeted areas where obesity has occurred without the need for surgical intervention.

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Product Features

360° Coolslimming

Achieve maximum results with 360o three-dimensional refrigeration.

Smart Technology

Smart screen display and operator comfort to ensure ease of use.

Changeable Cups

Comes complete with three sizes of changeable cups for targeted treatment.

Multiple Applicators

Reduce treatment time by 50% with different applicators for different parts.

Effective Cooling

Cooling system to allow for constant use, meaning no downtime required.

Precision Cooling

Accurate refrigeration with multi-point temperature control monitoring.


Additional Information

360 CoolSlimming machine

The Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine utilises the most effective cooling technology to achieve maximum results in a non-surgical and non-invasive way. By using precision cooling, the Fat Freezing Machine reduces fat cells in a revolutionary and innovative form of lipolysis. The refrigeration technology delivers energy to the targeted area and acts directly on the fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer. At the point of freezing, the fat cells will crystallise and begin to decompose, being removed by the body’s natural metabolism process. With fat cells removed, the other cells will rearrange and a reduction in the fat layer will be noticeable.

Certified to Provide Safe, Effective Treatment

At PZMed we only supply equipment that uses medical grade materials, complies with infection control requirements and is certified as safe to use. The Cryolipolysis Machine has been rigorously tested and has been given FDA approval to be sold and used within the United States, as well as being CE certified to be supplied and used across Europe. The high standards required to achieve these certifications allows there to be confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the machine.

Patented Fat Freezing Technology

The Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine is clinically proven to reduce fat in a range of people of different ages, sizes, genders and ethnic backgrounds, showing that the patented technology is effective for use with anyone. Multiple handles ensure the treatment time is maximised to provide noticeable results and the different applicators keep the skin that isn’t being treated protected from the cooling energy. The 360o Coolslimming technology is more efficient than anything else on the market and can provide desired outcomes in a shorter space of time. The Fat Freezing Machine is capable of producing results in various body sizes, from people who want a more curved figure, to those who want to drastically reduce obesity. The freezing treatment uses enough energy to be able to penetrate deep layers of fat and begin the process of fat reduction. The treatment course length depends on the outcome required.

Multiple Choices Result in Better Outcomes

Having effective cooling technology is only part of ensuring treatment sessions achieve the best results. The Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine combines the latest in innovative technology with a range of applicators and cups to allow for the treatment to be targeted and precise. Three sizes are cups are supplied as standard:

Large 200:

  • Length = 20cm
  • Width = 6.8cm
  • Depth = 11cm

Mid 170:

  • Length = 17cm
  • Width = 6.8cm
  • Depth = 7.5cm

Small 152:

  • Length = 15.2cm
  • Width = 6.8cm
  • Depth = 6.3cm

Different fat thickness requires a different applicator, and the changeable cups are simple to attach to the handles and ensure the targeted areas of the body is treated in the most effective and efficient way.

3-sizes contours are very ease to change


Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine


1. What is Cryolipolysis Slimming and How Does it Work?

Cryolipolysis is also known as fat freezing and works to cool the fat cells in target areas so that they get destroyed and break down. The great thing about this type of treatment is that it is completely safe to the other parts of your skin and body because fat cells are temperature sensitive and freeze first, leaving the rest of your body feeling great. The treatment is non-invasive and works by applying cooling paddles to the chosen area that act like a suction vacuum as they cool. It’s quick and painless and offers great results, leaving you looking better than ever before.


2. What’s the Difference Between Coolsculpting and Cryolipolysis?

You may hear the term Coolsculpting along with Cryolipolysis and wonder which is the best to choose – however, they are essentially the same thing. Coolsculpting is a brand name for a Cryolipolysis machine, meaning that the treatment you will have is Coolsculpting which will be completed using a Cryolipolysis machine! There is only one FDA approved machine for Coolsculpting and that is the Cryolipolysis medical-grade machine, giving you the confidence to know that the treatment you are considering is safe and has been tested by experts before being fully approved for use. Remember that you should always use a trained professional for your treatments when you want the best results.


3. How Does the Body Get Rid of Fat After Coolsculpting?

If you are interested in undertaking slimming treatment then the idea of Coolsculpting may be one that sounds good to you, especially when you consider that it is non-invasive and completely painless. However, you may also be wondering how it works and how the fat cells that are destroyed are then removed from the body? Put simply, when the fat cells die, they are absorbed into the lymphatic system which then expels them from your body for good. What’s even better is that the fat cells that have been destroyed and removed cannot then be regenerated, leaving you feeling great about your new look.


4. Which is Better EmSculpt Vs Coolsculpting?

When you are looking to reduce your fat and sculpt your body into the shape you’ve been dreaming of then Coolsculpting is the best choice as it helps you to work on specific areas and see quick results. Coolsculpting is also seen to be the best treatment of all the slimming options that are currently on the market, this is due to the ease of treatment and the lack of side effects and pain. In addition, Coolsculpting uses a more modern technology to achieve the results you are seeking, whereas EmSculpt is an older treatment that often requires more treatments to achieve the same level of results.


5. What is the Best Non Surgical Body Sculpting?

It can be confusing choosing between all the slimming treatments that are currently on the market but Coolsculpting continues to be the best of the bunch. Not only is it highly effective after just a few treatments, but it is also administered by a medical-grade machine that has been expertly designed and researched. If you choose alternative slimming treatments you may find that you have to deal with unexpected side effects and painful treatments but with Coolsculpting, side effects are incredibly rare, and the treatment is both painless and efficient. If you are serious about honing your body shape and improving your health then Coolsculpting is the only option worth considering.


6. What Should I Eat After Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a great way to shift stubborn fat and create a body shape that you want, but keeping your new shape requires you to make sensible choices when it comes to food and exercise. The best type of diet to follow after Coolsculpting is one that is filled with fresh vegetables, salads, nuts, grains and fruits as well as protein. It’s also wise to try and avoid excessive fat consumption and foods that are high in saturated fat. By modifying your diet to make it healthier, you are more likely to keep your new figure for longer and enjoy feeling more energetic and healthier.


7. What Should You Not Do After Coolsculpting?

As Coolsculpting is non-invasive and painless, recovery time is pretty short and allows you to get back on with your life without needing to take time off. However, there are some things that you should avoid including intensive exercise as your body will need time to rest as the fat is dispersed. To ensure that you have taken adequate precautions, you should take two the three days before going back to exercise and you will need to both rest up and hydrate to give your body the time it needs to heal. You can still do simple tasks such as going into work as long as it is not a physical job and going for short walks.


8. Does Fat Freezing Have Side Effects?

When you are considering any type of slimming treatment, you should always find out if there are any side effects that you should be aware of. With Coolsculpting, there are virtually no negative side effects, and most people are able to return to their normal lives as long as they remember to rest and hydrate. In some cases, people may experience redness, swelling and minor bruising that all goes away within a couple of days after the treatment. The only other side effects that are reported are when people attempt to do Coolsculpting on themselves or go to an untrained professional – both of which are not advised.


9. Is Coolsculpting Painful?

The great thing about Coolsculpting is that it is relatively painless and is a non-invasive treatment that can be done to fit your schedule. However, you do need to be aware that you may feel some discomfort as the therapist gets to work. Some of the most common feelings include a tugging sensation as well as a dull ache as the treatment is undertaken. The area will also be massaged as part of the process of removing the excess fat which can be uncomfortable depending on the area being targeted. Coolsculpting is incredibly safe and straightforward, offering you the results you want without having to undergo surgery.


10. Is Coolsculpting Effective for Double Chin?

Do you have a double chin that you cannot get rid of, even when you undertake diet and exercise plans? You are not alone! One of the most effective ways of dealing with a double chin is to use Coolsculpting treatment as it works to reduce the extra fat you have stored in this area by up to 25%. The other great benefit of Coolsculpting your chin area is that it will also work to improve the skin tightness in this area and help you to define your jawline more than before. As the treatment is completely non-invasive, you will be able to get back on with your day without taking extensive time out for recovery.


11. Does Freezing Fat Cells Actually Work?

If you have been looking for a way to reduce your fat levels and have found the Coolsculpting system then you may be wondering whether freezing your fat cells is actually a realistic way to get rid of excess fat cells. The short answer is that yes, it really is! Research into fat cell freezing has shown that you can reduce your fat levels in key areas by up to 25% when you use the Coolsculpting treatment, making your goal weight and figure a genuine possibility. Coolsculpting freezes fat cells, killing them off so that your lymphatic system can then remove them from your body – sounds like the perfect solution doesn’t it?


12. Does Coolsculpting Work on Love Handles?

Absolutely, your love handles will soon disappear when you choose this treatment! Coolsculpting is a great way to target any area on your body that has stubborn fat that just won’t disappear. It works by freezing the fat cells so that they can be dispersed via your lymphatic system and removed from your body through your waste. It is quick, safe and only takes a few sessions to show genuine results. What’s brilliant about Coolsculpting is that once your fat cells have been destroyed, you can maintain your new look with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise, ensuring that you hold onto your new look with ease.


13. Can Coolsculpting Increase Fat Cells?

Coolsculpting is a well-researched, FDA-approved treatment that works for the vast majority of people that engage with it. However, in extremely rare cases, a person may suffer from paradoxical adipose hyperplasia which results in fat cells getting larger rather than being destroyed and dispersed. This side effect is more likely to occur in male patients and while the cause remains unknown, sharing your health history with the treatment provider will help them work out if you are a good candidate for Coolsculpting treatment or not. If you have a history of skeletal issues or poor kidney function then you may be better off sourcing a different treatment solution.


14. Can I Do Fat Freezing While Breastfeeding?

Many women struggle with the changes in their body after pregnancy and want to find appropriate solutions such as Coolsculpting. However, if you are currently breast feeding then you should not arrange a Coolsculpting session as your body needs its fat reserves to help you continue producing milk. If you are keen to use the Coolsculpting treatment then it is advisable to wait between three to six months after finishing breastfeeding so that your body is ready for the treatment to work properly. You will also need to share your medical history with the Coolsculpting practitioner to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate for the treatment.


15. Can You Do Your Own Coolsculpting At Home?

Unless you are a trained Coolsculpting professional with your own Coolsculpting machine then you should not attempt to complete Coolsculpting or copy the process with your own frozen products. The reason for this is that the machine is designed to be used by a professional who knows which areas to target and how to achieve the best results. If you like to idea of having the treatment done at home then you could always arrange for a practitioner to attend your home and provide a pop-up treatment service for you and a group of friends – giving you the results you want without having to go to a clinic.


16. Can Coolsculpting Get Rid of Fupa?

If you have a fatty upper pubic area (FUPA) and want to avoid undergoing a surgical procedure to remove it then Coolsculpting may be the answer you are looking for. Coolsculpting treatment will work to remove the additional fat in just a few sessions, helping you to tighten up the skin in this area too. Coolsculpting is safe to use and comes with very few side effects, meaning that you may experience some redness and tenderness straight after your session, but this should go within a couple of days. Remember that you should always find a reputable Coolsculpt practitioner to ensure that you get the best results every time.


17. Can Fat Freezing Get Rid of Cellulite?

If you struggle with cellulite then you may be considering fat freezing as a way to get rid of it altogether. However, FDA research has shown that while Coolsculpt is a good way to help improve the appearance of cellulite it is not effective in getting rid of it completely. The reason for this is that fat freezing works to get rid of excess fat but does not change the makeup of your skin or tissue growth, which is the main issue with cellulite. If you do choose to use Coolsculpt to get rid of your cellulite fat deposits, you should also invest in a proven cellulite cream that can help the skin to work better to fight against cellulite from spreading again.


18. How Much Weight Do You Lose with Fat Freezing?

If you are working out whether Coolsculpt is the right treatment for you then understanding how much weight you can lose is a key part of the decision-making process. Most people find that they need to undergo around three works of treatments before they can physically see any changes, but in reality, each session will reduce the fat in the selected area by around 10% – 25%. This means that you can reduce the fat in the selected areas by up to 80% when undergoing regular sessions. What’s even better is that there are no real side effects to worry about and there is no surgery required to achieve the results you are looking for.


19. How Does the Body Get Rid of Fat After Coolsculpting?

If you are sceptical about whether fat freezing will work then you may be left wondering how on earth your body can get rid of the fat that is removed during treatment. In reality, it is a pretty simple process that involves your lymphatic system. As the fat freezing works to destroy your fat cells, your lymphatic system then takes the cells that have died and sends them out of your body through your waste system. It’s not dangerous to your body at all and there are virtually no side effects to worry about, making it a great treatment to undergo for excellent results.


20. What Do I Need to do to Prepare for a Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine Treatment?

When you decide to undertake fat freezing via a Cryolipolysis machine then there are a few things that you can do to prepare effectively:

  • First, make sure that you are eating a balanced and healthy diet so that you are not increasing fat levels in your system.
  • Next, ensure that you are exercising regularly so that you are building muscle rather than encouraging new fat growth.
  • Finally, keep your skin in good condition by hydrating properly and moisturising properly.

By doing all three of these things, you are more likely to achieve the long-term results you are looking for and will be able to keep your newly sculpted figure with ease.


21. Where Can I Find a Qualified Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine Provider?

Many beauty experts now offer sessions with Cryolipolysis machines so that they can provide effective fat freezing for their clients. If you are keen to find a provider in your area then you will need to complete and online search and then contact the ones that come up in your results to find out if they can help. Remember to check that they have an FDA-approved Cryolipolysis machine and also check that they are properly qualified before you agree to pay for any fat freezing treatments. If you are unsure then it is better to continue calling around rather than ending up with a practitioner you don’t trust.


22. Why Should People Use PZMed Over Other Fat Freezing Machines?

When you are looking for the best fat freezing machines then the Cryolipolysis machine offered by PZMed is by far the best choice. Not only is it proven to offer the very best results, it is also FDA-approved and incredibly safe to use. As experts in medical-grade equipment, you can be certain that your PZMed Cryolipolysis machine will enable you to offer the results that your customers want. Plus, you will get access to a knowledgeable and helpful team as well as incredible aftercare support. Don’t trust anyone that states they can offer the same quality machine for less money, instead head to PZMed to get your hands on an authentic fat freezing machine today!