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Body Sculpting is Simple with Innovative Technology

A toned, muscular body is something that most people would like to achieve but getting the desired results can be time consuming and feel unattainable. Spending hours in the gym or working out at home is something a lot of people don’t have time to do. Fortunately, technological advancements now allow people to get the body they want in a simple and quick way. As experts in the field, PZMed recommend the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine as a non-invasive and non-surgical method of achieving high rate muscle stimulation that burns fact and builds muscle.

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EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine

The EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine utilises the most advanced technology to deliver pulse energy that focuses on muscle groups with expert precision. The high-frequency energy burns fat by stimulating the super-speed decomposition and metabolism of cells, while the muscle contractions help to stimulate growth and increase muscle extension. All of this is achieved without affecting the surface of the skin, making the EmSculpt Machine the perfect alternative to surgical body modification procedures. All areas of the body can be treated, including private health areas such as the pelvic floor muscles without the need for invasive treatment sessions.

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Product Features

Continuous Contraction

No relaxation means muscles works to their maximum capacity.

Patented Technology

Electromagnetic technology to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles.

Ergonomic Design

Ease of use and comfort for the operator meaning no operation fatigue.

Extraordinary Performance

150HZ stimulating more than 20,000 ‘ultra-muscle expertise’.

Precision Handles

Flat and curved handles for different areas of the body to allow for precision.

Customisable Interface

Simple, smart screen display including more than 50 languages.


Additional Information

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Reducing Unwanted Fat with EmSculpt

There are lots of reasons why people put weight on and struggle to lose it. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise are the recommended solutions, however, at PZMed we understand that things are often not that simple. The EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine is a non-invasive option for people who want fast results, have tried everything to lose weight or just don’t have the time to exercise as much as they need to. Innovative Hifem technology utilises pulse energy on a precise area of the body to stimulate the decomposition and metabolism of fat cells, including stubborn areas that have been found to be resistant in the past.

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Multi-Function Design

Burning fat and getting a body that is more slim or lean is usually just part of the treatment delivery. Body sculpting by toning muscles is often where more drastic results can be observed. The EmSculpt has been designed to target all areas of the body. As standard, the equipment comes complete with 4 handles that can be used at the same time, with flat and curved options to suit the area of the body being treated. The 15 degree inclination allows for legs to relax naturally and a raised support area can be used to ensure accurate placements for treatment of the pelvic floor or buttocks. The new machine utilises 24hr air cooling technology to mean the machine doesn’t need downtime. As long as an operator is available, the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine will be ready to go.

The high-frequency energy that is emitted by the EmSculpt Machine stimulates muscles to contract. The continuous nature of the treatment allows muscles to achieved maximum potential by not requiring them to relax between stimulations. Constant muscle stimulation produces better results in a shorter space of time.

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Safety and Quality Seal of Approval

At PZMed we pride ourselves on the quality and safety of all of the equipment we supply. High-quality results achieved in a safe and comfortable environment is what the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine delivers. As will all of our machines, the EmSculpt is certified by the FDA as safe to be sold and operated in the USA, and it has also achieved the CE approval to allow for sale and use within Europe. These rigorous certifications demonstrate the high-quality of the equipment and technology being used.

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EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine


1. What is EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation?

EmSculpt is a device that is designed to help sculpt, firm and ton your body. It is made with a high-intensity electromagnet that is fully approved by the FDA and can be administered in a series of sessions that focus on your thighs, abdomen, buttocks, calves and arms. The system works by prompting your muscles to contract around 10000 times in just fifteen minutes – much more than you can achieve in any fitness session. It’s painless to administer and all you will feel is your muscles contracting and releasing as the therapy starts to work. Once the session is complete, you can return to all normal activities without any issues.


2. What is the Difference Between EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo?

Both the EmSculpt and the EmSculpt Neo are devices that work hard to burn your body fat and improve your muscle tone they are slightly different. The EmSculpt is the original device that provides muscle toning, fat burning and buttock lifting support using modern technology. The EmSculpt Neo is the updated version that offers even greater outcomes as the technology has been carefully honed and adapted using the information learned from the EmSculpt. Getting your muscles toned and your fat burned has never been easier that it is with the EmSculpt machines, so arrange your first session and be amazed at the results you get.


3. How Does the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine Work?

The EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine is designed to be simple and effective to use. When you start your session you will have two applicators placed on your body on the muscle area that you want to tone. Once they are correctly placed, the therapist will turn the machine on, sending electromagnetic pulses through the applicators and into your muscles. As the pulses hit your muscles it will cause them to contract and release, slowly building your resistance and helping to create the toned look you want and breaking down fat that provide you great fat burning results that help you achieve the ideal physique.


4. What Are the Benefits of Using the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine?

Deciding on a new therapy can be daunting, especially if you are worried about getting the best results for your money. The good news is that choosing EmSculpt treatments will provide you with a whole range of benefits, including:

  • Fat burning from the first session in the area that the applicators are positioned
  • Muscle building without any pain or sweating, giving you some relaxing downtime to enjoy
  • No recovery time required after treatment and no pre-treatment requirements
  • Sessions that only last 30 minutes at a time and can fit in with your daily life
  • A wide range of target areas can be worked on depending on your needs


5. How Long Does It Take to See Results From Using the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine?

Most people are keen to know when they will get to see the results of their EmSculpt session and while the work will start right away, there will be some time delay before you can actually notice the difference. The majority of EmSculpt clients find that they begin noticing differences in their bodies at around the four-week mark. However, to get the best outcomes you will need to complete your full course of treatment. Your peak outcome will be visible around six weeks after your final session and you can return to top up your treatment if you need to at any time in the future.


6. Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Using the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine?

One of the main reasons why the EmSculpt treatment is so well loved is because it is painless and has no significant side effects that you need to be concerned about. In fact, the entire procedure is good for your body and offers a low-risk solution that can help you avoid having to undergo surgeries or extreme fitness plans. The EmSculpt treatment is also approved by the FDA, proving that it has been carefully analysed and checked out before being used on clients. Ultimately, if you are looking for a non-invasive treatment that actually works hard to improve your muscle tone then EmSculpt is the obvious choice.


7. How Often Should the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine Be Used?

Working out how many sessions you will need will depend on a variety of factors including the number of areas you want to work on and how fit and healthy you already are when you start. Your therapist will come up with a bespoke plan for you to consider and agree to before you begin. However, it is recommended that when treatment starts you should attend at least four sessions a week, working on the areas that you have selected. Each session will last around half an hour and once they are completed you can get back to everyday life without any recovery time required.


8. How Long Does Each Session With the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine Last?

Each EmSculpt session will focus on one key area, with you being able to schedule in multiple sessions that cover each area you want to work on. Each individual session lasts around half an hour and you will need to remain still and relaxed as the machine gets to work to ensure that you have the best outcome. There are 9 different areas that the EmSculpt can target and tone, so it is important to work with the therapist to decide which areas you want to work on and then schedule the sessions to fit with your day-to-day needs.


9. How Much Does the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine Cost?

If you are thinking about buying your own EmSculpt machine for use at home or in your business then the price will depend on the version of the machine that you are buying. It’s important to get the best for your money and there are a wide range of modern machines to choose from. Take the time to look for the features that you need and always choose a reputable supplier like PZMed as you will then have access to aftercare support should you have any queries about the product. An EmSculpt machine offers amazing results, making it a great investment.


10. Who Should Not Use the EmSculpt Muscle Stimulation Machine?

If you are considering EmSculpt treatment then you should make sure that the therapy is suitable for you individually before you pay for any treatment. Those that should not undergo EmSculpt include:

  • People that are pregnant
  • People that have a pace maker fitted
  • People with any metal parts in their body
  • People with an implanted medical device
  • People that have an IUD contraceptive device
  • People with malignant tumours
  • People with epilepsy

If you are worried that you may not be able to get EmSculpt but your concern is not listed above then simply get in touch with your local EmSculpt therapist who will be able to assess your individual circumstances and provide you with a definitive idea of whether the treatment is suitable for your needs or not.


11. What is the Difference Between EMSCULPT and Traditional Muscle Building Methods?

There are a number of differences between EmSculpt and traditional muscle building methods such as weight lifting and exercise. The main difference is that EmSculpt does not require you to break a sweat or undergo hours of exercise and conditioning to get the results you want. The other great thing about EmSculpt is that it can be used to target a specific area, giving you a boost when you need it rather than requiring you to complete a range of different exercises that may not help as much as you need them to! There is also no risk of damaging your muscles, no recovery time needed and you can enjoy honed fat burning when you are trying to shed that last bit of stubborn fat that is driving you mad!


12. What Are the Contraindications for Using EmSculpt?

As with any treatment, there are some people that should avoid EmSculpt to ensure that their health is not negatively affected. Some of the main contraindications for EmSculpt include:

  • Women that are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • People with fat stores of more than 7cm depth as the results may be poor
  • Women with menstrual issues or disorders as the therapy can trigger increased cramps and early periods.
  • Anyone with implants in the area that is to be treated
  • Anyone with electronic or metal implants such as pace makers and neurostimulators
  • Anyone with drug pumps fitted
  • Anyone with Epilepsy or malignant tumours
  • Anyone who has recently undergone surgery
  • Anyone with blood conditions


13. When Will Results Be Seen After EMSCULPT Treatments?

If you are investing in EmSculpt treatment then you will be keen to know how long you will have to wait before you see the results you are looking for. Many people wrongly assume that they will get instant results while others believe that they will have to wait months. In reality, you can expect to start seeing results around four weeks after you’ve started regular treatments. These results will continue to improve, and you should reach the optimum outcome around six weeks after your sessions have finished, giving you the look you’ve been working hard to achieve. Once your have completed your treatment you can decide to maintain your new muscle mass with regular exercise and a healthy diet but you can also book in top up treatments to help you maintain your look as time goes on.


14. How Many EMSCULPT Sessions Are Required for Results?

Deciding how any EmSculpt sessions are right for you depend on a number of factors including your current muscle tone. How much fat you are looking to get rid of, how often you can undergo treatment and how healthy your current lifestyle is. Everyone is different and there is no set treatment plan that you should follow without first seeking advice from an EmSculpt expert. However, most people begin to see result within four sessions and this is generally the absolute minimum amount of sessions that is advised. If you are interested in booking sessions then contact your local practitioner who can give you a more specific idea of the number of sessions you will need.


15. Which is Better Trusculpt or EmSculpt?

Choosing between Trusculpt and EmSculpt can seem stressful and seriously confusing, especially if you are only just starting your journey in this area. Trusculpt uses radio frequency waves to heat up fat cells in the abdomen, buttocks and flanks, helping to create the figure you want. However, if you are keen to get toning and fat burning all in one go then EmSculpt is the better choice. It uses electromagnetic energy to target one of nine different areas, and causes fat to burn and your muscles to rapidly contract so that they tone quicker than if you just exercised instead.


16. What Should I Do Before EmSculpting?

If you are keen to go ahead with EmSculpting then it is wise to do some prep work in advance so that you get the best results. Start by losing any weight that may hinder the results as EmSculpt is designed to tone and sculpt key areas rather than be used as a weight reduction treatment. You should also perfect your diet and exercise plan so that you can support your body to maintain the results you get from the treatment. Before each session you should think about packing a book or something else to enjoy during the treatment session as you could get bored if you have more than one area treated during your visit.


17. Does EmSculpt Neo Work on Thighs?

Yes, EmSculpt Neo is perfect if you want to tone your thighs or get rid of any unwanted fat. In fact, the FDA have approved the EmSculpt Neo to treat the thighs, buttocks, arms, calves and abdomen, making it an all-round solution that can help you feel great about yourself. What’s even better is that when you arrange to have EmSculpt Neo treatments, there is no recovery time after treatment so you can carry on with your day and not need to worry about feeling any pain or discomfort or have to follow any strict aftercare plan – it’s really that simple!


18. Does EmSculpt Neo Tighten Loose Skin?

Struggling with loose skin can feel embarrassing, leaving you wanting to find an appropriate treatment that can help. The EmSculpt NEO works to build muscle, helping people achieve up to 25% more muscle mass by the end of their treatment plan. This developed muscle is often larger than at the start of treatment, helping to tighten skin in the area that was treated. However, it is important to note that EmSculpt Neo is not a skin tightening procedure and cannot work to tighten loose skin on its own but is a great addition to any treatment you are having as it can sculpt your figure and tone your muscles.


19. Does EmSculpt Work on Flabby Arms?

As we get older our muscle tone begins to diminish, especially in areas such as the arms, buttocks, thighs, stomach and calves. Rather than accepting that this is a part of life, there are treatments available that can help you to firm up your arms and return them to looking toned and healthy. One of the best treatments to choose is the EmSculpt as it is FDA approved and can return up to 25% of your muscle mass as well as getting rid of any unwanted fat. What’s more, the EmSculpt treatment is pain-free and non-invasive, giving you the best results without having to worry about recovery afterwards.


20. Does EmSculpt Work on Love Handles?

Yes – EmSculpt is a great way to get rid of pesky love handles that will not go even when you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The treatment can focus in on these areas, forcing your muscles to contract and release repeatedly as the fat is blasted and begins to break down and disappear. People also invest in EmSculpt treatments for areas such as their buttocks, thighs, calves and the rest of their abdomen as it works to improve the look and feel of the areas as well as supporting you on your mission to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


21. Can You Do EmSculpt While Pregnant?

No – while EmSculpt is one of the least invasive and damaging treatments on the market, it is still important not to undergo it when you are pregnant. The treatment sends electromagnetic pulses that activate the muscles and cause them to contract and relax, which could then have a detrimental impact on your ability to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Once you have given birth and have recovered then you can choose to undergo EmSculpt treatment as long as you are not breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding then you will need to wait until you have finished to be able to organise your EmSculpt sessions.


22. Can EmSculpt Damage Organs?

If you are just starting your EmSculpt research then you may be looking to find out more about side effects and potential risks to your health. The good news is that there is no evidence that EmSculpt has any damaging effects at all, especially when it comes to your internal organs. Some people do report that they experience muscle pain after treatment but this is quite normal, especially if you have not been exercising as much as you would want to before the treatment began. EmSculpt is also non-invasive and there is no recovery time required after each session is complete, making it one of the safest and easiest treatments to take part in.