Simple Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles with Innovative Technology

The ageing process, childbirth and some injuries can cause the pelvic floor muscle to weaken. This can cause embarrassing situations. Pelvic floor muscle exercises have been recommended for a long time, but they are not always effective. At PZMed we offer a technological solution that utilises electromagnetic technology to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

The Umsella Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator Machine is CE and FDA approved. The medical grade equipment offers high quality treatment with impressive outcomes. At PZMed we only provide the best in terms of equipment and the Umsella Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator Machine is no exception.

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What is a Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator?

Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator Machine

Umsella is the ultimate in providing pelvic floor muscle strengthening. This innovative machine harnesses the capabilities of high intensity focused electromagnetic technology to stimulate the deep pelvic floor muscles. The treatment is brief and highly effective with people experiencing the same results as if they were doing 12,000 pelvic floor exercises.

The Umsella is perfect for producing excellent outcomes within a short space of time without discomfort. Although the technology is advanced, the machine is simple and safe to use, making it an excellent choice for anyone wanting to add a bit of strength to their pelvic floor.

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Product Features

Quick and Simple

women spend approximately 30 minutes sitting on the Umsella chair.

Clinically proven

research shows that 95% of people report significant improvement.

Completely pain free

tingling and muscle contractions may be experienced but zero pain.


treatment is outside the body and does not require clothing to be removed.

Electromagnetic technology

provides stimulation to deep pelvic floor muscles.

Quality and safety

ergonomic design to ensure ease of use and reduction of handling risks.


Additional Information

What Causes Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles?

What You Need to Know About the Umsella

The Umsella Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator Machine provides a highly effective solution to issues with weak pelvic floor muscles. The non-invasive approach does not require surgery, medication or any internal treatment. Instead, the innovative equipment works by utilising electromagnetic technology which is emitted and stimulates the pelvic floor muscles of the person sitting on the machine.

Do Pelvic Floor Stimulators Work?

Approved Medical Equipment

The Umsella Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator Machine has been certified as safe by numerous seals of approvals. These include the CE mark to demonstrate that the device is considered safe to be traded within the European Union. It also meets the strict requirements to be FDA approved.

All parts of the machine have been designed and produced using the highest quality, medical grade materials, ensuring that there is no compromise on quality or safety. PZMed will only supply the safest equipment and the Umsella meets these expectations in every way.

Varied Benefits From One Machine

Issues with pelvic floor muscles can be varied and so it is important that a machine such as the Umsella can produce a range of benefits to suit individual needs. Treatment from the Umsella Pelvic Floor Stimulator Machine can help to prevent stress urinary incontinence as well as assist post-party recovery.

Women’s private health can be improved, the electromagnetic technology encourages rehabilitation of the pelvic muscles and pubococcygeus enhancement. Within any area, the improvement to the person’s quality of life is paramount and the Umsella is proven to make these improvements reliably and efficiently.

Treatment is Quick and Effective

It is usual that treatment sessions with the Umsella are approximately 30 minutes long. This makes the Umsella a highly efficient machine that can start producing noticeable results after just one treatment session. A 16-week course of treatment shows significant improvements in urodynamic measurements for females using the Umsella machine.

For people experiencing urinary incontinence, the percentage of people who had significant improvements or were fully dry after treatment ranged from just under 90% to 100% depending on whether they experienced urges=, mixed, stress of urinary incontinence after childbirth.

Can Electrical Muscle Stimulation Build Muscle?

Simple and Safe to Operate

Being able to use the Umsella to provide effective treatment with ease is one of the many benefits of investing in this type of pelvic floor stimulator machine. It has been designed for ease of use and to ensure that the person operating the equipment can do so safely. The slide out technology ensures that the operator does not need to overreach when accessing the machine, and the equipment can be stored and concealed easily.

How to Use Electronic Muscle Stimulator?


Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator Machine


1. What is a Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator?

A pelvic floor muscle stimulator is a device that uses electrical pulses to help tighten the pelvic floor muscles. It sends low grade electrical waves that make your pelvic floor muscles contract much like you would when completing Kegel exercises. The great thing about UMSELLA is that just one quick treatment can offer the same results as twelve thousand Kegel exercises and doesn’t cause the user any discomfort or embarrassment. When you think about the length of time it would take to complete twelve thousand manual Kegels, swapping them for a pelvic floor muscle stimulator is a wiser choice.


2. What is the Best Way to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles?

The best way to keep your pelvic floor muscles strong is to complete daily Kegel exercises throughout the entirety of your life. This may sound simple but many people don’t have the time or inclination to do this or go through a childbirth or surgery that can cause the muscles to weaken. Rather than accepting poor pelvic floor muscle tone, the best way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles is by using an elector if stimulator like the UMSELLA, that can restore your pelvic floor strength in just a few sessions, giving your back your confidence and control so that you can live well and enjoy good pelvic health.


3. What Causes Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles?

There are a number of causes of weak pelvic floor muscles including pregnancy and childbirth as well as obesity, prostate cancer and even continued straining when constipated. No matter how many Kegel exercises you complete, these causes can undo all your hard work due to the pressure put on your pelvic floor. Each of these causes ultimately result in severely weakened pelvic floor muscles that will need professional treatment to help regain the tone that you are used to enjoying. Many people find talking about pelvic floor weakness embarrassing, but when you choose a treatment such as UMSELLA, you will be able to get your tone back without having to feel awkward or out of place.


4. Do Pelvic Floor Stimulators Work?

Yes! Pelvic floor stimulators are proven to offer a great support to people who have extremely weak pelvic floor muscles. They are able to stimulate pelvic contractions that equal to 12000 Kegels, ensuring that you are given the best start in your new pelvic floor muscle routine. Once your treatment is completed, you will then need to keep a daily Kegel routine to help maintain the firmness you have achieved. The UMSELLA pelvic floor treatment is quick, simple and has been designed to support men and women who need help to tighten their pelvic floor muscles, giving you back your confidence and stopping you from worrying about accidental leaks when you least expect them.


5. Do Pelvic Floor Muscles Weaken with Age?

As we age, the hormones in our bodies change and can result in weaker or stiff pelvic floor muscles that do not work the way we need them to. In addition, if you’ve been guilty of holding on when you need the toilet too much or you suffer with constipation and need to strain, the effect of this can also weaken your pelvic floor as you age. The good news is that weak pelvic floor muscles do not need to be your reality, as long as you are willing to take action. For example, investing in pelvic floor muscle stimulation can help you to regain tone and strength that you thought were lost. One of the best treatments available right now is the UMSELLA treatment that uses electrical stimulation to enhance your pelvic floor.


6. Can Electrical Muscle Stimulation Build Muscle?

Yes, studies have shown that electrical muscle stimulation can help to increase the amount of muscle mass a user has as well as improving the function of the muscle. In pelvic floor terms, studies have shown that users can experience up to a 1% growth in muscle but more importantly, there is up to a 20% increase in muscle function after just five weeks of treatment! This level of improvement can have a huge impact on the wellbeing of the user and provide a better quality of life. UMSELLA is designed to offer these gains with quick and simple sessions that are completely painless.


7. How to Use Electronic Muscle Stimulator?

The great thing about learning how to use electronic muscle stimulator machines like UMSELLA is that there is hardly anything to it! You will simply sit in a chair that is attached to the electronic muscle stimulator and allow your pelvic floor muscles to contract as the electronic waves pass through your pelvic floor. There is no need to get completely undressed and no long treatment times to endure, meaning that you can fit your treatment into your daily routine with ease. When it comes to working out how many sessions you need, your treatment coordinator will work with you to understand your situation and then design a plan that fits with your needs – it really is that simple!


8. How to Improve Pelvic Floor Muscles?

When it comes to improving your pelvic floor muscles you can complete regular Kegel exercises to help retain the tone and firmness you are used to. These can be done at any time of the day but need to be completed regularly to get the best results. If your pelvic floor muscles are no longer firm or you are having ongoing issues with leaks or a lack of sensation then you may need to invest in a different type of treatment such as electronic muscle stimulation which will help to tighten your muscles back to a point where you can restart Kegel exercises. UMSELLA is an ideal solution if you do need electronic muscle stimulation as it is pain-free and produces fast results.


9. How to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not just a time of great excitement, it is also a time where your body will go through many changes, preparing you for childbirth. Keeping your pelvic floor muscles strong is an important part of your journey to motherhood and you should aim to complete Kegel exercises every day. If you are having problems with your pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy you should speak to your midwife or GP for further advice. However, once you have given birth, you can complete a course of electrical muscle stimulation such as UMSELLA to help you regain your pelvic floor strength.


10. How to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles After Childbirth?

It’s important that you start your pelvic floor exercises soon after giving birth to help your recovery process. Many women experience very poor muscle tone after childbirth and taking action quickly can help to resolve the issue. However, childbirth is difficult for the pelvic floor muscles which can be left bruised, swollen or torn, leaving you needing additional help to regain the strength you are used to. Electronic muscle stimulation is a great way to get back in shape after childbirth and when you choose UMSELLA, you can look forward to regaining the tightness in your pelvic floor area that you have been missing.


11. How to Strengthen Very Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles?

Very weak pelvic floor muscles can have a significant impact on your life – reducing sensation, causing difficulties with sex and reducing the control you have over your bladder. In these cases it is vital that you seek treatment and support to help rectify the issue as Kegel exercises alone will not resolve the problem. Choosing UMSELLA is a great way forward as it provides electrical muscle stimulation that offers the same results as 12000 Kegels in just one quick treatment! A course of EMS can be scheduled to fit in with your other commitments and will not take too long to complete. Once it is done, you should be able to maintain your pelvic floor muscles with regular Kegels and occasional top up EMS sessions.


12. How to Tighten Pelvic Floor Muscles Quickly Male?

One of the biggest misconceptions about pelvic floor muscles is that females are the only people that suffer with weakness and loss of tone. In reality, weak pelvic floor muscles can affect men too and keeping them in shape is important as you age. If you are a man struggling with weakened pelvic floor muscles then electronic muscle stimulation can offer the support you need. EMS therapy works by sending an electronic charge to your pelvic floor muscles which then contract and strengthen. Sessions can be booked to suit your needs and will provide quality results in a short space of time.


13. How to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles Quickly?

There’s no denying that Kegel exercises are a slow burner when it comes to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, requiring frequent and regular effort to produce the results you need. However, if you are keen to improve your pelvic muscles quickly then investing in electronic muscle stimulation via UMSELLA is a great way forward. This treatment is designed to suit your specific needs and can be completed quickly, with minimal fuss or embarrassment. It is a non-invasive, powerful treatment, ensuring that your bladder weakness, lack of sensation or other pelvic problems are dealt with effectively, giving you back your confidence.


14. How to Know if Pelvic Floor Muscles are Tight?

Working out if your pelvic floor muscles are tight and firm can be confusing, but there are some simple indicators that you can use to help you work it out. Firstly, if your pelvic floor muscles are tight then you should not experience any bladder issues when you’re active. You should also enjoy good levels of sensation in the pelvic area, including during sex. If you are worried that your pelvic floor muscles are too weak then you can invest in a course of UMSELLA electrical muscle stimulation to give your muscles the boost they need and get you back on track.


15. How Long Does it Take to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles?

When you are completing muscle strengthening exercises such as Kegels, you will need to be patient and willing to wait to see the results you need. This is because it takes time for the muscles to tone during the Kegel exercises. If you need a quicker result or greater levels of support with your pelvic floor then electrical muscle stimulation is an excellent choice. UMSELLA therapy works by sending electrical waves directly to your pelvic floor, causing the muscles to contract and tighten. A few sessions will provide amazing results and leave you feeling confident and able to take part in activities that you have been avoiding.


16. How Can I Tighten My Pelvic Floor Muscles Fast?

If you are struggling with your pelvic floor muscles and don’t want to wait months for results then electrical muscle stimulation is an excellent choice that provides the power of 12000 Kegels in just one session. UMSELLA is one of the leading EMS tools on the market and offers individuals a comfortable and dignified therapy with quick results. You simply sit in the UMSELLA chair while the electrical signals are directed to your pelvic floor. After your treatment is over you can return to your normal activities immediately and look forward to improved firmness from the very first session. After just a few sessions, your pelvic floor muscles will be back in great condition.


17. How Do You Know if Your Pelvic Floor is Tight?

When it comes to knowing if your pelvic floor muscles are tight enough you should be able to stop any leaks when squeezing them and you should not have any issues with sensation during sex. These two areas are often the first signs that your pelvic floor needs some work if you are noticing a drop in bladder control or sensation, requiring you to take action to improve the situation. Electrical muscle stimulators are a popular choice for people with poor pelvic floor muscle tone as they work quickly and offer excellent results. If you need help with your pelvic floor muscles then try the UMSELLA treatment for the best results every time!


18. How Often Should You Use a Pelvic Floor Stimulator?

The number of sessions and amount of time that you should use a pelvic floor stimulation therapy such as electrical muscle stimulation varies on a case-by-case basis. This is because each person will have their own specific needs depending on how firm or weak their pelvic floor already is. To get the best results, it is wise to invest in a treatment like UMSELLA, that offers excellent results in a short space of time. You will be given an individual treatment plan and can schedule your appointments to fit around your life, making it easier than ever to improve your pelvic floor muscles.


19. How Long Should You Use a Muscle Stimulator?

Using an electronic muscle stimulator is a great option when you are looking for quick and effective results. Your initial treatment plan will be agreed with your physician, and you can then arrange follow up sessions as required. EMS is safe to use alongside Kegels but is not a treatment that should be used constantly as it can over tighten the muscles and cause you pain. Before you get started, make sure that you have a clear treatment plan that is supported by a professional to ensure that you get the best results for your specific needs that will last the test of time.