Non-Invasive Pigmentation Removal

Solve Skin Imperfections with Picosecond Laser Machine

As skincare becomes more important to people and they become more aware of the treatments available, it is necessary to ensure that effective and safe treatments are promoted. At PZMed we only supply equipment that has been approved as being clinically safe to deliver high quality outcomes to those wanting a solution to their skin imperfections. The Picosecond Laser Pigmentation Removal Machine uses the latest in innovative laser technology to effectively reduce or eliminate the appearance of unwanted marks on the skin.

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Picosecond Laser Pigmentation Removal Machine

Picosecond Laser Pigmentation Removal Machine

Skin imperfections no longer need to be treated with invasive or surgical procedures. Advances in laser technology allow for common skin imperfections to be remedied with minimal discomfort or inconvenience, with noticeable results being achieved after just one treatment session using the Picosecond Laser Pigmentation Removal Machine. This versatile machine can improve the appearance of sunspots, acne, scarring and many other types of blemishes, as well as removing unwanted tattoo ink from the face and body.

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Product Features

Easy to Use

The multitouch, customisable, 10.4 inch screen makes operations simple.

Fast Results

Noticeable results after just one treatment session.

Adjustable Spot Size

2-10mm adjustment for precise application and no skin damage.


Skin imperfections treated with minimal inconvenience.

High Stability

Even energy distribution with an exclusive uniform light lens.

Energy Efficient

Laser arm rate of energy loss is 8% or lower.


Additional Information

Picosecond Laser Pigmentation Removal Machine Manufacturer

Modern Machinery for Maximum Impact

PZMed understand the need for high quality equipment that produces effective results quickly without compromising on quality. The Picosecond Laser Pigmentation Removal Machine does exactly that. The machine has a modern and luxurious design that was created by experts in the field, meaning that it is not just effective at delivering the best results, it is easy to operate, and its shock-residence makes it one of the most robust laser machines on the market. The free 360 degree rotation of the laser arm ensures that there is constant energy laser power without the operator needing to make unnecessary adjustments. The outcome is that those operating the machine do not experience operation fatigue and the treatment is more efficient and effective.

How does a picosecond laser pigmentation removal machine work

Confidence in Safety with FDA and CE Approval

At PZMed we are proud to only supply equipment that has been designed by experts and that has successfully passed a rigorous and robust testing procedure. The Picosecond Laser Pigmentation Removal Machine has achieved the highest standards in quality and safety. The FDA approval demonstrates that the equipment has met the strict standards applicable within the USA and the CE mark signifies that the machine has been approved to be used within the EU. Both approvals should give confidence that this laser machine will deliver high quality results in a clinically safe way.

What are the benefits of using a picosecond laser machine for pigment removal

Unwanted Skin Imperfections Eliminated

The Picosecond Machine is effective in treating a range of skin imperfections with results being achieved in fewer sessions than most other forms of treatment. The results are also permanent and so once the desired outcome has been achieved, there is no need for treatment in the future. The types of skin imperfections that are treated by the Picosecond Laser Pigment Removal Machine include:

  • Liver spots
  • Freckles
  • Sunburn
  • Senile spots
  • Zygomatic mother spots
  • OTA mother spots
  • Acne
  • Scarring
  • Lesions
  • Winkles
  • Discolouration

Tattoos that people no longer want are also able to be faded and, in most cases, removed, utilising the same laser technology. Unwanted ink used to be painful to remove with treatment effectively burning the skin to eradicate the ink. With the Picosecond Laser Machine, tattoo removal is now almost pain free, does not cause damage to the skin, and does not leave behind unsightly scars.

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How Does Picosecond Laser Technology Work?

It is a common misconception that all laser machines work by burning the skin. The Picosecond machine works by submitting ultra-short pulses of energy to the targeted treatment area. The equipment does not provide heat during this process and so there is no risk of skin damage. Instead, the intense pulses of energy work by swelling and then shattering the pigment of the skin particles.

Once the pigment has shattered into small granules, the body’s natural metabolism clears the pigment from the cells and the unwanted mark on the body is eliminated. This is a pain free process as no damage is occurring. Some people may experience very mild discomfort during the course of treatment; however, this is not painful and there is very little downtime needed between treatments.

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One Machine for Many Imperfections

The Picosecond Machine has three wavelengths that can act on pigmented skin with different depths and colours. This means that any area of the face or body can be treated, and that skin colour will not preclude anyone from accessing the treatment. This versatility also means that tattoos of varying colours can be treated effectively to achieve the desired results.

In addition to treating the affected area and removing the pigment from the skin, the Picosecond Laser Pigmentation Removal Machine also Stimulates regeneration of collagen which helps to restore skin back to its youthful appearance.


Picosecond Laser Pigmentation Removal Machine


1. What is Picosecond Laser?

A Picosecond laser is a medical grade laser that offers a range of treatment options that would previously have taken longer to complete, with poor results. The Picosecond laser is so revolutionary that it can remove issues such as hyperpigmentation, freckles, acne and more, leaving no evidence that there was ever a problem that needed solving. What’s even more exciting is that the Picosecond laser has a shorter pulse duration than any other laser on the market, enabling it to treat people faster than ever before. If you want to find a solution for your hyperpigmentation then the Picosecond laser treatment is the best choice available right now.


2. What is the Difference Between Picosecond and PicoSure?

PicoSure is the brand of Picosecond laser that is used to treat hyperpigmentation and other skin complaints. The PicoSure tool is the leading tool that uses the Picosecond laser, offering individuals the very best skin procedures with outstanding results and speedy recovery times. The Picosecond laser has changed the way we provide skin treatments as it doesn’t cause pain, can be completed in an outpatient appointment and provides lasting results that will give you back your skin confidence. The best way to know if a laser treatment is going to offer the results you need is to check whether it is a Picosecond laser or not – when you choose PicoSure, you can be certain that the Picosecond laser is an integral part of the treatment offered.


3. What is the Fastest Way to Cure Hyperpigmentation?

If you have hyperpigmentation then you may be keen to find a quick solution that cures the issue but be careful that you don’t end up causing more harm than good by using a treatment that has not been properly checked first. In reality, no quick fix is ever a good way to proceed, especially in the case of your health and wellbeing. However, there are some treatments that are approved and can produce great results quickly. The best choice is the PicoSure treatment that uses a medically approved Picosecond laser and can be administered during a short appointment, giving instant results that get better with each treatment in the course.


4. What Happens to Skin After Pico Laser?

Having PicoSure treatment can feel daunting at first, especially if you are worried about the after effects of the laser treatment on your skin. The good news is that the Pico laser typically results in very little or no redness for the majority of patients. However, if you do experience redness you will find that it goes away after a couple of days. The best way to avoid any adverse reactions is to follow all the aftercare advice given by your practitioner and keep your skin out of direct sunlight until all treatment has ceased so that your skin can heal properly.


5. What Should You Not Do After Pico Laser?

Giving your skin time to heal after you’ve had PicoSure treatment is important and will help you to achieve the best results. The best way to do that is by not itching or scratching the area, not rubbing the skin and avoiding using make up until it is completely healed. You should also avoid using harsh chemicals or exfoliating products that can damage the skin too. Finally, you should stay out of the sun and avoid chlorinated water as well as not soaking the area in a bath. Sicking to all of this guidance will ensure that you heal properly and don’t suffer any infections.


6. What is the Best Laser to Remove Melasma?

Melasma is a condition that leaves your skin with dark patches or freckled areas that were originally not part of your skin makeup. It usually occurs during pregnancy but doesn’t go away unless you have it treated. The best way to remove Melasma is with PicoSure laser treatment as it can target the affected areas and remove the issue without pain. The PicoSure treatment is highly effective and can get rid of all signs of Melasma with ease, giving you back your skin confidence without the need for overnight stays after treatment and without excessive amounts of aftercare.


7. How Many Types of Pico Laser Are There?

Currently, the number of Pico lasers are limited to just four – the PicoSure laser, PicoCare laser, PicoWay laser and PicoPlus laser. Each of these lasers has slightly different technical components but each are designed to help individuals with skin issues. Currently, the best Pico laser on the market is the PicoSure laser as it can treat a wide range of skin problems in just a few sessions and leaves little to no side effects for users. When choosing the right treatment for your skin, it is important to find a PicoSure practitioner who has the knowledge and skill set for your specific needs as this will ensure your treatment success.


8. How Can I Remove Pigmentation From My Face Permanently?

If you have pigmentation that is causing you stress and upset and have tried a number of over-the-counter remedies that haven’t helped then you may think that you will need to deal with your pigmentation forever – but this isn’t true! The PicoSure laser therapy is the ideal solution and will provide you with a way to get rid of your pigmentation forever. When you sign up for treatment, you will be given a personalised treatment plan for the pigmentation that is causing concern. Should new pigmentation appear in the future, you can simply arrange a follow up treatment to resolve that too.


9. Can Pigmentation Come Back After Laser?

Many people worry that their pigmentation will return after they have completed laser therapy but this shouldn’t be the case as laser therapy is permanent. The only real exception is when a person exposes their skin to the sun without using protection, resulting in new pigmentation appearing that needs to be treated. The best way to avoid this outcome is to use the best sun protection you can find and schedule an appointment with your PicoSure laser practitioner as soon as any pigmentation starts to show again so that it can be dealt with quickly and effectively so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed by your complexion.


10. Can Pico Laser Remove Hyperpigmentation?

Yes! The Pico laser system is designed to remove and resolve a wide range of skin conditions, giving you back your confidence without using dangerous treatments. If you have hyperpigmentation that you would like to resolve then all you need to do is find your nearest PicoSure practitioner and agree to a treatment plan that is designed to get rid of the hyperpigmentation on your skin. The great thing about PicoSure is that the number of treatments you need is entirely dependent on your needs and skin coverage, ensuring that you get a personalised plan that offers results from the very first session.


11. Can I Wash My Face After Pico Laser Treatment?

Once you have finished your PicoSure treatment, you should follow all the aftercare advice given to you by the laser therapist. However, washing your face with a mild soap and tepid water should not cause any major problems as long as you do it after the required healing time set out in your treatment plan. You should not use any harsh chemicals and no exfoliating products as this can cause damage to the area that is healing and leave you at risk of getting an infection that will need to be treated with medication. The same rule applies to using makeup, but if you are in any doubt about what to use then just ask advice from the treatment provider.


12. Can Picosecond Laser Remove Hair?

When you are undergoing Pico laser treatment, your laser therapist may need you to shave the area that is due to be treated so that it can be targeted to where it is needed without any interruptions. However, this does not mean that your hair will not grow back or that the Picosecond laser will permanently remove your hair. All scientific studies done on Picosecond treatment show that any hair loss as a result of a Pico session will grow back without any problems as the laser does not damage or kill the hair follicles.


13. Can Pico Laser Remove Freckles?

Yes – the Pico laser can be used to remove freckles should you want to clear your skin. In fact, Pico laser treatment can be used for a wide range of skin issues including freckles, blemishes, scars, liver spots and even acne. All you need to do is share your skin concerns with a qualified PicoSure practitioner who will come up with a bespoke treatment plan for your needs. If you have a lot of freckles then you may need to undergo a number of sessions to get the finished look that you want but this should be communicated with you before you agree to proceed.


14. Is Pico Laser Treatment Safe?

Undergoing any type of treatment can leave you feeling worried about side effects and long-term problems but this doesn’t need to be the case with PicoSure treatment. This laser treatment is seen as the gold standard of treatment for skin conditions, helping individuals to rid themselves of unsightly concerns that are reducing self-confidence. When you undergo the treatment you may find that you have some slight redness after it is complete, but many people don’t even experience this! To ensure the healthiest results, make sure that you follow all the aftercare advice that is issued by your laser therapist.


15. Is Pico Laser Painful?

No – Pico laser treatment is one of the most preferred treatment solutions as it is pain free and highly effective. Some people notice minor discomfort during their treatment sessions but this depends on your skin type, area that you are having the laser treatment on and how well you have adhered to the pre-treatment advice. Once the treatment is over, you may experience some slight itchiness and redness but this will go away on its own within the first couple of days. In short, Pico laser treatment is safe and pain free, making it the ideal choice for anyone with a skin condition that needs to be addressed.


16. Which Pico Laser is Best for Hyperpigmentation?

When it comes to removing hyperpigmentation, the best type of Pico laser to choose is the PicoSure. It is highly effective at removing discolouration and helps to boost the natural collagen production in your skin for quick healing and best results. The PicoSure laser works by emitting energy bursts that target the hyperpigmentation, resulting in the melanin being broken down and removed from the area, giving you an even skin tone and long-lasting results. It’s suitable for all skin types and can produce excellent results even in the most extreme cases. If you have hyperpigmentation then investing in PicoSure is the best way forward.


17. Does Melasma Come Back After Laser?

PicoSure treatment is a permanent solution for any skin condition you are suffering with, including Melasma. However, it is important to note that new Melasma can occur as you have more children or as your skin ages and these patches will also need to be treated with PicoSure laser treatment to get rid of them. There are lots of treatments on the market that claim to offer lasting results but the only genuine and permanent treatment option is laser treatment with a Picosecond laser. Why don’t you arrange yours today and see the difference your first treatment has on your skin.


18. Does Pico Laser Brighten Skin?

Each PicoSure treatment consists of high energy bursts being directed at problem areas on your skin, helping to remove them and restore your skin back to excellent condition. One of the effects of Pico laser treatment is that it can leave your skin looking brighter and healthier than ever before as well as ensuring that your skin tone is even all over. When you consider that the Pico laser can remove scarring, acne, Melasma, freckles and even tattoos, you can be confident that your skin will look fantastic when the treatment plan has ended and the healing process is finished.


19. How Long Does it Take to Recover From Pico Laser?

Pico laser treatment is well loved as it is quick, effective and comes with little to no side effects. However, even when your skin feels great, it will still need a couple of weeks to properly heal between treatments. During this time, you should not exfoliate your skin or use any makeup or harsh chemicals that could interfere with the body’s natural healing process. If your treatment has been completed in an area that is permanently exposed to the sun then you will also need to use sun protection to ensure that the healing isn’t disrupted, and that you don’t accidentally get sunburned.


20. How Long Does Pigmentation Take to Fade After Laser?

The great thing about PicoSure laser treatment is that you will see results immediately after your treatment which will continue to get better as the weeks go by. In most cases, hyperpigmentation will initially get darker after it has been treated and will then start to fade after one to three weeks. Once it has properly healed, you can then return for any subsequent sessions that you have booked until such time that all your pigmentation has been successfully sorted out.


21. How Often Can I Use Picosecond Laser Pen?

Deciding to get rid of your pigmentation with a Picosecond laser pen is a great idea, but the device must be used properly and effectively if you want to achieve the best results. You should not use your laser pen more than three times a week for one month, allowing your skin to rest and recover during sessions. If, after a month, the pigmentation has not completely gone then it is wise to take a break and let the skin get back to normal before starting a new treatment session. The great thing about PicoSure is that it is not just the most effective laser treatment, but it is also the easiest to use, giving you excellent results every time.