Simple, Safe, Tattoo Removal

Non-invasive Laser Technology for Skin Imperfections

With more people deciding to express themselves by having tattoos, it is inevitable that the number of people who want to have tattoos removed is increasing. PZMed offer a safe, approved way to utilise laser technology to treat skin that has unwanted tattoo ink. The Picosure Tattoo Removal Machine is non-invasive and easy to use, making it a popular choice. In addition to tattoo removal, the versatile Pico laser machine can also be used for a range of skin conditions and imperfections.

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Picosure Tattoo Removal Machine

Harnessing the power of laser technology, the Picosure Tattoo Removal Machine is innovative, versatile and robust. Delivering excellent results for people who wish to remove unwanted body art, spots that have been caused by sun damage or acne scarring. The non-surgical and non-invasive approach is sought after by a range of people who want quick results with minimum discomfort and the Picosure Machine delivers.

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Product Features

Minimal Discomfort

Targeted treatment to ensure no damage to surrounding tissue.

Range of Uses

From tattoo removal to acne scarring, sun damage and various spots.

Multiple Wavelengths

Three wavelengths to treat skin of different depths and colour.

High Stability

Uniform light lens to ensure even energy distribution.

Safe & Quick

Approved equipment with improvements after one treatment.

Ultra Short Pulse

Effective treatment utilising 500ps ultra-short pulse.


Additional Information

The Future of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal has a reputation for being painful with many people describing the experience as being more painful than getting the original tattoo. The Picosure Tattoo Removal Machine changes that. This new generation of laser technology does not solely rely on directing heat onto the skin to burn or melt away the area affected by the unwanted ink. The Pico laser delivers energy in a trillionth of a second which means that there is no time for heat to build up and burn the skin. It is also ultra focused and so does not impact any of the surrounding skin.

Activating Cells to Produce Results

The proprietary focus lens technology allows the Pico laser to convert laser energy into pressure waves that cause cells to activate and begin signalling naturally. This process subsequently promotes pigment to expand and then ‘shatter’ into fine granules. The body’s metabolism then absorbs these granules and clears the pigment, resulting in clearer skin without the discomfort of heat causing damage to the skin. The process also stimulates collagen regeneration which helps to achieve a more youthful appearance to the skin.

This approach is very effective tattoo ink removal but can also be used for the following:

  • Acne scarring
  • Liver spots
  • Freckles
  • Sunburn
  • Senile spots
  • Zygomatic mother spots
  • OTA mother spots
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Quality and Safety Guaranteed

At PZMed we only supply high quality, medical grade equipment. The Picosure Tattoo Removal Machine is no exception. The laser technology machine has been approved by the FDA to guarantee safety within the USA and has also received the CE approval to allow for distribution within Europe. This machine can therefore be used with confidence that the quality of the treatment will deliver excellent results in a safe and controlled way.

Laser response comparison

Utilising the Best Equipment

PZMed is committed to delivering the best when it comes to laser technology machines. The Picosure Machine demonstrates this by combining the most advanced laser generator, imported from the USA, with the customized seven-joint arm that was designed and created in Korea. The laser generator provides an accurate, powerful and error-free wavelength that cannot be beaten in terms of precision. The seven-joint arm ensures the operator has maximum flexibility to ensure precise operation of the treatment without leading to fatigue. A built-in beam homogeniser ensures that the Picosure Laser Tattoo Machine is efficient in the reflected energy of the light being more uniform. This means that the target area is treated in a more complete way and polarised light is avoided.

Laser Tattoo Removal Before And After


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1. What is Pico Laser Tattoo Removal?

Pico laser tattoo removal is one of the most advanced treatments available on the market right now, growing a large following from people who want to remove tattoos that they now regret or where they need to clear the area due to damage or disfiguration of the tattoo they have. The Pico laser is a non-invasive and non-surgical method of removing tattoos and can be done over a course of treatments, completed by a specially trained Pico laser practitioner. Rather than using continued and intense heat to remove the tattoo, the PicoSure laser treatment uses short bursts of energy to ensure quality removal and impressive results.


2. What is Picosure Laser Treatment?

Picosure laser treatment is a modern and advanced treatment that offers tattoo removal as well as a wide range of other skin treatments, all aimed at improving your appearance and confidence. Picosure treatment is still relatively new, having only been introduced in 2013. Since it was first delivered, Picosure has become a trusted treatment in the field of aesthetics, offering a safe and trusted method for removing tattoos of all shapes and sizes. Choosing the PicoSure laser treatment method will not only remove your tattoos expediently but also offers a treatment that is not intensely painful like other tattoo removal solutions.


3. Is PicoSure Good for Tattoo Removal?

Yes! PicoSure is the leading treatment for tattoo removal as it is highly effective and produces better results than any other tattoo removal options. It is quick to administer and takes less time to recover from, making it easy to schedule into your everyday life. In addition, PicoSure is also great for blue and green ink removal that other lasers cannot remove. In short, in one treatment you will enjoy impressive results with the full tattoo removed in just a couple of return sessions. If you have tattoos that are no longer in keeping with your appearance goals, PicoSure is the best way forward.


4. Is PicoSure Permanent?

Investing in tattoo removal is only effective if the results are permanent, which they are with PicoSure. The number of PicoSure treatments you will need depends on the size and number of tattoos that you want to get rid of. However, after your treatment has finished, your tattoos will not reappear. PicoSure laser treatment breaks down the ink under your skin, allowing it to safely disperse and be removed via your immune system. It’s so effective that PicoSure is now the leading solution for lawyer tattoo removal on the market, making it the ideal option for any tattoos that you want to have removed.


5. Is PicoSure Better Than QSwitch for Tattoo Removal?

Q Switch lasers are often compared with PicoSure by consumers that want to get the best and quickest results for their cash. However, it is agreed that the PicoSure laser is up to four times more effective than the Q Switch as it breaks the ink into smaller particles, allowing it to be removed quicker, with fewer sessions required. PicoSure is a much more modern treatment and continues to be updated and improved, making sure that when you choose to have your tattoo removed, you are getting the best treatment available. In short, if you want the best tattoo removal, PicoSure is the way to go.


6. Is PicoWay or PicoSure Better for Tattoo Removal?

Choosing between PicoWay and PicoSure depends on the type of tattoo you want to have removed. If your tattoo is made up of red or black ink then both the PicoSure and PicoWay lasers will work quickly and effectively to remove your tattoo. However, if your tattoo is made from resistant ink colours such as green, blue or purple then the PicoSure is the best option as it produces better results and removes the ink completely after a series of treatments. Ultimately, if we had to choose one type of laser treatment for all tattoos, we’d confidently pick PicoSure as our top choice.


7. Is PicoSure Good for Black Ink?

If you have a black ink tattoo then you may be worried about having it removed as the ink can be resistant to lasers and leave the tattoo area looking unsightly, especially if you pick a laser treatment that doesn’t use modern techniques and technology. However, the PicoSure laser treatment is one of the most effective solutions, providing quality removal for even the most resistant ink. Simply ask your practitioner for guidance on the number of sessions the removal will take and then let them get to work – with the PicoSure, you can be certain that your tattoo will be gone very soon.


8. Is Picosecond Laser the Same as PicoSure?

PicoSure is a specific brand of picosecond laser that is used for tattoo removal as well as other aesthetic procedures. The PicoSure laser comes with Alexandrite technology and has a number of other great features that set it apart from the competition. If you are keen to get a tattoo removed and have been doing research online then you will probably notice that there are a number of different Picosecond lasers on the market, including the PicoSure. The great thing about PicoSure compared to other options is that it works for all types of ink, including resistant types that cannot be removed by other available lasers.


9. How Does Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

PicoSure laser tattoo removal is an aesthetic treatment that is administered by an appropriately qualified individual. It uses high-level energy bursts to laser the tattooed area, breaking down the ink into small particles that can disperse under the skin and are processed by the immune system. The laser uses technology that is called PressureWave – essentially destroying the ink and shattering it into small pieces. Older laser options work to melt the ink pigment, causing the patient a lot of pain, but the PicoSure method is more targeted and is far less painful to endure, making it the preferred option for many people.


10. How Long Does it Take to Remove Tattoo With a PicoSure Laser?

Each tattoo is different and so the length of time to remove one depends on a variety of factors. Some of the key factors include the size of the tattoo, ink colours, location of the tattoo, thickness of ink and age of the ink. Before you start your treatment, your tattoo removal specialist will carefully assess the tattoo and provide you with an estimated number of sessions that you will need to undertake. The good news is that PicoSure works faster than any other tattoo removal treatment, meaning that you can enjoy shorter treatment time and better results – PicoSure sounds perfect doesn’t it?


11. What Laser is Best for Tattoo Removal?

With so many different laser options to choose from it can be hard deciding which laser treatment to go for. However, if you want the best removal options in the shortest timeframe then the option you need to pick is the PicoSure. Not only does this laser break your tattoo ink into small particles that can be easily processed by your immune system, but it also works on dark and resistant inks, giving you a perfect finish in just a few sessions. Unlike traditional laser treatments that can be painful and hot, the PicoSure works efficiently to send energy directly to the ink in order to break it up rather than melting it.


12. What is the Best Laser Tattoo Removal Technology?

If you have a tattoo that you want to have removed then choosing the right laser treatment can be the difference between prolonged, painful treatment and something more efficient and effective. The PicoSure tattoo removal laser utilises modern technology to help you get the results you need without the pain and pressure that is often associated with tattoo removal. PicoSure uses a picosecond laser and PressureWave technology to break the ink into microscopic pieces that the body scan process and eliminate. Treatment is comfortable and quick, resulting in clear skin and a fresh start that will leave you impressed.


13. Why is Tattoo Darker After Laser Removal?

Many people find that their tattoos look darker after they have undergone their first few PicoSure treatments, but this is nothing to worry about. The main reason behind the darker appearance is that the ink has oxidised during the focused procedure, which is part of the removal process. Once you’ve had your first few sessions you will find that the colour then fades quickly and eventually disappears. The most common colours that get darker are ones that have white in them which turns to grey when oxidised. Other people report that their tattoos look more vibrant too! Ultimately, if this happens to you it is safe and part of the process you are undertaking.


14. Does PicoSure Leave a Scar?

Horror stories about extensive scarring often do the rounds when it comes to tattoo removal, but whilst there is a risk, it is highly unlikely. PicoSure tattoo removal laser treatment is the safest laser treatment on the market right now with just a 2% risk of scars occurring due to treatment. Sadly, the occasions where scarring does occur usually is a result of poor removal technique, often done by untrained or inexperienced individuals. If you are keen to get your tattoo removed then PicoSure is the best way forward as long as you find a reputable service with trained professionals.


15. How Can I Speed Up Tattoo Removal?

Undertaking a tattoo removal journey can get frustrating when you have to go through repeated visits to get the results you want but there are some things you can do to make the process go by quicker. From eating, exercising and sleeping well to keeping hydrated and sticking to scheduled appointments, these actions will ensure the best results for each session. In addition, it is best to avoid smoking during the treatment journey as it can stop the treatment from working properly. Finally, you should keep your tattoo out of sunlight and stick to all aftercare advice, taking proper care of the area in between each session.


16. How Much is Picosure Laser Treatment?

Each tattoo removal process is unique and will require a bespoke treatment plan and aftercare. This means that you will need to speak to an expert to get an accurate quote for any tattoo that you would like to have removed. Small tattoos (2cm sq.) with easily removed ink colours can start anywhere from £180 and work up from there. For large or ink-resistant tattoos you can expect to pay a specific sum per session, with an estimated number of sessions being offered to begin with. Remember that failing to follow aftercare instructions can stop the treatment from working as quickly and will result in you needing to undergo more sessions.


17. How Can I Remove My Permanent Tattoo Without Laser?

Laser tattoo removal is not the only way to get rid of a tattoo, but it is one of the least invasive options on the market. There are surgical options that remove the inked tissue completely, but this requires a general anaesthetic as well recovery time and will leave you scarred. Worryingly, there are a number of articles online that suggest you can remove a tattoo at home by bleaching the skin, needling the area or even burning the tattoo away. None of these options are safe or effective and they are never recommended as a sensible way to proceed, so please do not try them when you want to get rid of a tattoo.


18. How Many Treatments Does it Take to Remove a Small Tattoo?

Tattoo removal takes time and the number of sessions you will need to attend depends on the colour and size of the tattoo as well as your adherence to the advice given by the removal practitioner. Generally speaking, when a client follows all the advice properly, a small tattoo can be removed in just 6 – 8 sessions. With PicoSure laser removal, you will need to wait for a number of weeks between each session to allow the tattoo and skin to recover effectively so that they are ready for the next treatment. Tattoo removal is a long process but the results of PicoSure removal are unparalleled when you follow all the advice you are given.


19. What is the Hardest Color Tattoo to Remove?

No colour is the same when it comes to tattoo removal, with some colours being very easy to remove and others being incredibly difficult. Green ink is considered to be the hardest colour to get rid of, followed closely by white, light blue and neon colours. Depending on the age of your tattoo, you may also find that red or purple inks are also difficult to remove. The good news is that PicoSure treatment works effectively on all resistant colours, giving you the results you need. If your tattoo is made from a resistant ink you will need to be aware that you will require additional removal sessions to get the best outcome.


20. Will Tattoo Continue to Fade After Laser Treatment?

After your laser treatment has been completed the tattoo will continue to fade as the area heals. Every time you go for your next treatment you will notice the tattoo getting lighter and slowly disappearing. However, you will need multiple treatments to get rid of your tattoo altogether as it will not slowly fade away completely with just one laser treatment. Interestingly, scientific studies have shown that tattoo ink will remain in your body for months after laser removal treatment is completed. This is because the immune system works methodically to get rid of each particle without putting your health at risk. Choosing the PicoSure treatment will support your immune system to work more effectively as it breaks the ink into the smallest particles possible.