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Treatments for weight loss and muscle building are well sought after, and the RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine utilises the best in modern technology to achieve exceptional results. At PZMed, we ensure all equipment we supply is of the highest quality, manufactured with medical-grade materials, and meets the standards for FDA approval and CE certification. Effective treatment that is safe and delivers quick results is achievable with the RF Slimming Machine. This machine is perfect for people who want successful outcomes without surgical or invasive treatments. The equipment is simple to use despite utilising advanced technology, and the treatment sessions are comfortable and pain-free.

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RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine

The RF Slimming Machine brings together a range of highly effective, innovative technologies to provide an all-round treatment approach. The combination of Radiofrequency (RF), VAC (negative pressure, mechanical rollers and infrared light energy allows for a comprehensive treatment approach that helps people to achieve the body they desire. This includes, but is not limited to, reducing skin laxity, tightening the abdomen, skin smoothing, wrinkle removal, cellulite reduction and circumference reduction as part of postpartum recovery. The high-quality equipment comes complete with a variety of handpieces and adaptors to ensure the treatment is targeted and impactful in all the right areas without affecting any areas that are to remain untreated.

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Product Features

Vacuum Technology

Effective in absorbing the cellulite in a comfortable way without causing any damage to the skin.

Infrared Light Energy

Unique 650nm-1200nm infrared light energy accurately targets the dermis in a safe way.

Bipolar Radio Frequency

Allows for deep layer penetration to a predetermined temperature to melt fat and increase collagen.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature sensors provide constant monitoring to ensure treatment is safe at all times.

One Button Cleaning

Simple to maintain with one button automatic cleaning that complies with infection control requirements.

3600 Fat Freezing

The 360-degree surround cooling handpiece gives maximum flexibility and efficiency.


Additional Information

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The RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine has been designed to provide a multipurpose machine that can achieve holistic outcomes. At PZMed, we are confident that the RF Slimming Machine will provide the results that are desired after a short number of treatment sessions, maximising content for the person receiving the treatment and efficiency for the operator.

Quality and Safety are Guaranteed

PZMed only supplies high-quality, rigorously tested equipment that reaches the highest standards in quality and safety. As a company, we ensure every machine that we manufacture is robust, easy to use, and has achieved FDA approval to be supplied and used within the USA and successful CE certification to be supplied and used within Europe. Meeting these internationally recognised standards gives a guarantee that the quality and safety of the RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine are exceptional.

Whole Body Targeting

Many weight loss, skin improvement or muscle-building machines focus on just one type of treatment. The RF Slimming Machine combines a range of different technologies to ensure a holistic approach to body sculpting is achieved. The machine can be used in the following problem areas:

  • Limbs
  • Waist
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Thigh
  • Jaw

Each of these areas can benefit from cooling and electromagnetic procedures in one which streamlines the process and makes beneficial outcomes achievable in a short space of time. Reduced bumps and bulges and increased muscular strength and definition will create a slimmer and smoother physique.

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How to Achieve Maximum Results With One Machine

The innovative technology that has been combined in the RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine helps to sculpt problem areas of the body in a non-surgical and non-invasive way. By stimulating aerobic exercises such as massage, suction, and pinching of fat cells and connective tissues, deeply heating the cells, their surrounding connective and the underlying dermal collagen fibres occurs. When this is combined with the unique 650nm-1200nm infrared light energy and radio frequency thermal energy, the heating and vacuuming process stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin. The result is a localised reduction in skin laxity and body volume and an increase in skin condition and texture.

As standard, the RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine comes complete with ten different applicators. This allows for targeted treatment to focus on one site, with the ability to adapt the equipment to meet the needs of the person. Different sizes of handpieces make the treatment more specific and ensure maximum comfort for the person receiving the treatment and the operator. The equipment has been designed to ensure operator fatigue is not an issue and the upgraded air cooling system means that the machine can be in constant use with practically no maintenance and no downtime.


RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine


1. What is RF Cavitation Machine?

The RF Cavitation Machine is a professional piece of medical-grade equipment that works to offer skin tightening and shaping treatments to individuals. The machine provides quick results that support weight loss and cellulite recovery and offer skin-lifting effects that leave you feeling younger and healthier than ever before. The PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine is the perfect choice when you want to enjoy the best cavitation machine results. Each session is carefully designed to help you achieve your own specific goals and is pain-free and quick, leaving you able to get on with your everyday activities as soon as the treatment has been completed.


2. What is Cavitation Slimming Treatment?

Cavitation slimming treatment is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that works to remove excess fat from specific areas of the body. It is not aimed to be used by those who are significantly overweight but is designed to help people shift the last few pounds as well as help them to sculpt their bodies to create the figure they want to achieve. Getting the best results is easy when you choose the PZMed Weight Loss Massager, and it will leave you feeling like a brand new person! Why not book your initial consultation and arrange the sessions that will change the way you look at your body?


3. What is Cavitation Vacuum?

A cavitation vacuum is part of the weight loss massaging machine and works to destroy unwanted fat deposits as well as helping to break down unsightly cellulite so that you can look and feel your best. The cavitation vacuum also helps to create the body shape you want to achieve by contouring your figure and helping your tissues to restore effectively. It can be used on a number of body parts, too, meaning that you will get the all-over look that you want without experiencing any pain or needing any invasive treatment that will take time to recover from.


4. What is the Best Skin Tightening Treatment?

With so many different treatments claiming to offer great results, it can be hard knowing which one to choose. However, the PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine is the cream of the crop! Not only does it help to shift stubborn fat deposits and cellulite, but it can also be used to help contour your body to achieve the look and shape you want. When you combine these treatments, you can be certain that you will be getting access to the best skin tightening solution on the market and can look forward to showing off the new look you have created.


5. What is the Newest Treatment for Wrinkles?

If you are struggling with the look of wrinkles, then the newest treatment available that can provide the results you want is an RF weight loss machine. This machine works to remove excess fat and massages the skin to create contours and reduce the look of ageing wrinkles. It works quickly and requires you to attend a specific number of sessions that you will agree with your practitioner. The treatment is fuss-free and pain-free, leaving you ready to enjoy your new look without any pain at all! If you are keen to try RF weight loss machines and want the best, then the PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine is well worth checking out.


6. What is the Main Function of a RF Weight Loss Slimming Machine?

The main function of an RF weight loss slimming machine is to help individuals to target key areas on their body where fatty deposits will not shift. It works gently to encourage the destruction of these deposits and is also effective on cellulite. In addition, the RF weight loss slimming machine is often used to help sculpt and contour the body, reducing fat in areas that the person wants to target. Other benefits of RF weight loss machines include reducing wrinkles and providing deep muscle relaxation that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to show off your new look with confidence.


7. What Are the Benefits of Using a RF Weight Loss Slimming Machine?

Choosing the PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine comes with a number of great benefits, including:

  • Fat destruction that will support a healthy slimming regime
  • Cellulite solution that leaves your skin feeling smooth and attractive
  • Deep muscle relaxation as the machine slowly massages your body
  • Sculpting and contouring key parts of your body for an attractive look
  • Skin firming as the massaging works to activate new collagen
  • Lymphatic drainage can shift bloating and excess water
  • Skin rejuvenation that will leave you feeling more youthful and confident
  • Improved circulation as the machine works to get your blood flow moving to all your extremities


8. Are There Any Side Effects of Using a RF Weight Loss Slimming Machine?

Radiofrequency therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that boasts excellent results. However, if you are considering undergoing RF therapy, then you will want to know if there are any side effects to expect. Typically, the only real side effects include redness around the area that has been treated and some swelling that will go within a day. Some people also experience a tingling sensation for a short time after treatment due to the massaging tool. With so few side effects, RF treatment is perfect for busy people who need to get back on with their day after the treatment has been completed.


9. How Does a RF Wright Loss Slimming Machine Work?

RF machines are powered by radio frequency which targets fat directly under the skin. The radio waves work to heat the fatty deposits, which then melts them and sends them around your body before being eliminated. The system is straightforward and offers outstanding results for a number of areas of the body, including build-ups of cellulite. It is incredibly safe, and as it is not a surgical procedure, there is nothing stopping you from getting back on with your day when your session ends. In fact, choosing the PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine will give you the best results for each session you undertake.


10. What Are the Different Types of Slimming Machines Available?

Finding a machine that can offer genuine support with getting rid of fat may seem like an impossibility, especially when there are so many that claim they do what you need and then don’t. The good news is that radio frequency weight loss machines do provide exceptional results and don’t cause pain or problems once the treatment session is complete. If you want a machine that can slim and contour your body without having to undergo surgery, then the only option you need to consider is the PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine, as it is clinically proven to offer outstanding results.


11. Are There Any Special Precautions I Need to Take When Using a RF Weight Loss Slimming Machine?

Before you undergo an RF weight loss and sculpting session, it is wise to ensure that you are properly hydrated and that you share skin sensitivity with the therapist to ensure that you don’t end up feeling unwell or in pain. It is also important to use the days and weeks before your session to eat a healthy diet, moisturise your skin and undertake regular exercise to help keep your body in good shape and prepare it for the treatment. If you are pregnant or undergoing any specific medical therapy, then this treatment may not be suitable, making it essential that you share this information with the practitioner before you start any sessions.


12. Does Ultrasonic Work for Weight Loss?

Ultrasonic is a great solution when you want to get rid of stubborn fat deposits or when you need a helping hand to sculpt your body into the shape that you want. However, it is not a weight loss treatment on its own and isn’t suitable for those with a lot of fat to get rid of. If you are considering using ultrasonic cavitation as part of your weight loss journey, then it is wise to lose as much excess weight as possible before you begin your sessions, as this will help to ensure that everything works properly, providing you with long-lasting results.


13. Is Cavitation the Same as RF?

RF and cavitation are fat removal procedures that offer a non-invasive way to get rid of fat from problem areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs and more. RF cavitation heats up the fat deposits in the selected areas and melts them, allowing them to be processed by the body and eliminated, leaving you looking and feeling great. RF cavitation can also help to tighten the skin and sculpt the area to provide you with a more youthful look. RF cavitation is safe for the majority of users and can be easily arranged to fit in with your lifestyle – so why not book in today?


14. Is RF Effective for Slimming Face?

RF is both effective and safe to use on the facial area, reducing the amount of fat that is stored in the face and creating a more defined and slim result. To get the best results for your face and other areas of your body, you should invest in a treatment such as the PZMed’s RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine, as it offers the latest technology and the best results. When you sign up for your fat reduction and sculpting sessions, the practitioner will work with you to come up with a clear plan to follow at a time that suits you.


15. Is Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Harmful?

It’s always sensible to be cautious about any treatment you are considering, especially if it is a cosmetic procedure that you have not engaged with before. However, the PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine is the safest on the market and provides outstanding results with no significant side effects. Picking this machine will leave you with the figure you want and get rid of any fat that has been bothering you. It’s entirely safe as the radio frequency can be set to a specific depth, ensuring that non or your muscle structure will be affected and no harm will come to your body.


16. Can I Use a Massage Machine On My Stomach?

Yes! The PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine has been designed to use in a number of key areas on the body, including the abdomen, the face, the thighs, the upper arms, the flanks and even the hips. In fact, if there is localised fat in a specific area, then you can be pretty certain that the RF machine will be able to tackle it, leaving you looking slimmer and happier. It is important to note that you cannot use the machine on bony areas of your body, such as the neck or the head, but the therapist will be able to confirm the areas they can work on when you sign up for your sessions.


17. How Often Can You Do RF Skin Tightening on Stomach?

When it comes to arranging your skin tightening sessions, you should be aiming to have around 5 – 10 sessions to complete the course, with a 4-week break in between each session. Doing it this way means that you are more likely to see great results rather than trying to rush the treatment and then needing to go through it again due to poor results. No matter how tempting it is to book in sooner than advised, it is better to wait, as this will ensure that you are safe and that your body has had time to eliminate all the fat from the previous session.


18. How Long Does RF Skin Tightening Results Last?

If you live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight, then you can expect your RF skin tightening results to last around a year before you need to have a top-up treatment. As you undertake more top-up treatments, you can expect the time between sessions to get longer as the results get better and better. Remember, if you put weight on or start eating a poor diet and stop exercising, you will notice a return of the fatty deposits much sooner, so it is vital that you take proper care of yourself to get the maximum benefit.


19. Does Using Weight Machines Help Lose Weight?

Diet and exercise are essential components when you are considering RF weight loss treatment. If you have some weight to shift before you sign up for your PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine sessions, then weight machines are the perfect partner. Weight or resistance training not only works to improve your muscle tone but also burns a lot of calories, which helps you to get to the clothes size that you have been aiming towards. Resistance training is also the perfect partner to sculpting sessions as your muscles can provide exceptional definition if you know how to use the weights machine to your advantage.


20. Does Weight Machines Burn Fat?

When you start looking at treatments such as the PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine, you may be wondering how they actually work to get rid of fat. Put simply, the radio frequency works to heat up the fat deposits, melting and destroying them so that they leave your body and help you look more defined. Once they have melted, your body will get rid of them through the waste system without you even noticing. To get the best results, it is wise to choose a therapist and a machine that has been proven to work, such as the PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine.


21. Can Weight Loss Cause Back Pain?

If you are working hard to lose weight but have noticed that you have back pain, then this could be a direct result of the work you are putting in. If your weight loss regime is focused on losing weight fast, then you may find that you knock the pounds off because you have a lower level of water and nutrients in your body which can cause your bones to become weak and brittle. To avoid the back pain that is associated with this, you should follow a healthy diet and ensure that you are staying hydrated and topped up with vitamins and minerals.


22. What is the Warranty on a Slimming Machine?

When you buy a slimming machine such as the PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine, you will want to seek reassurance that if it breaks, you are covered. The majority of decent slimming machines come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers you should anything go wrong with your device. However, it is important to note that if you use your machine incorrectly and it breaks, you are most likely to be liable for the repair costs. To avoid this happening, make sure that you are properly trained to use it and that you follow a maintenance schedule to keep it clean and in good working order.


23. Where Can I Find a Reputable Slimming Machine Manufacturer?

If you are ready to buy a slimming machine, then it is always wise to purchase directly from the manufacturer in order to get the best price. However, it is also important to do your research first so that you don’t end up with a device that isn’t safe to use. The PZMed RF Weight Loss Massager Slimming Machine is one of the best options on the market now, sold by a highly reputable medical-grade device seller. It is safe, easy to use and offers some of the best results that can be achieved from RF machines. Take a look today and get yours ordered, you really won’t look back!